Wednesday, March 14, 2012


definatley having a rough couple of days-- very emotional and last night workout just killed me i just wasnt into it at all!!! felt like I was going to cry the whole way through!! took today off! did alot of spring cleaning which helped -I think there was just to many things not done!
meals:waffles 7:30
egg and cucumbers- 11:00
turkey/ham- 2:00
hamburger sweet potato fries and salad- 5:30

having some pistacios in a little while
drink: water
sleep: ok tired so slept good but didnt go to bed as early as I had hoped
stress: feeling it the last couple of days!
love the great weather thought!!!

Shooting for next thursday for our potluck meal and meeting! YuM!! havent heard from a few of you let me know if that works!

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  1. I hope you feel better!!! Let us know if we can help