Sunday, September 30, 2012

Maria- Dad's B-day

Yeah so my mom is the greatest cook EVER- both of my parents are off the boat Italian, so I knew it was going to be rough tonight when I had to go celebrate my dad's birthday.  I was right, she made homemade gnocchi from scratch, and I LOVE MY MOTHER'S GNOCCHI!!!  Along with her homemade meatballs and sauce and other special dishes that she usually does not make.  I stayed outside on the deck reading because I didn't trust myself to sit there at the table and NOT eat it.  I waited until the second course (grilled chicken and steak) was served.  Then I left the table again after singing happy b-day so that I wouldn't be tempted by the Carvel Cake or the BIG ASS chocolate chip cookies from Costco along with a dozen assorted doughnuts from Dunk Donuts.  I ate grapes and walnuts.  Even though I said I was staying away from nuts and fruit, I felt like I would fall off the wagon if I didn't.  This sounds horrible, and I know it is not right to avoid social situations, but I really did not want to go there tonight.  I feel like putting myself in a situation like that makes it harder than it has to be.  At the same time, I don't want to be a hermit and isolate myself from the world.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Crash and Burn...Thursday/Friday 9/28

That's all I got. No motivation, no nothing. I haven't woded in the past couple of days.
My knees are keeping me up but not because of pain. More worry than anything. When I feel an ounce of soreness and discomfort I worry. I worry that I won't be able to go too far with my Oly comps. I worry that my time is limited. I'm just getting started. The negative comments from people I know echo in the back of my mind about doing this too late in life and pretty much i shouldn't be doing this because I'll get hurt. When the weather gets cold and damp...hell any sudden flucuation in weather my knees act up. If it's too hot in the summer I retain water and my knees hurt. If its too cold I have to keep them warm, because they're just too stiff. And I know from experience if I'm traning when it's colder I have to get them HOT!!! Not just a simple 10/15 min warm up. I have to wrap them, walk, stretch, row, etc. before I even think of adding any kind of weights and squatting with them. It goes on and on. Don't get me wrong when they work, they work. They can be faithful to me most of the time and sometimes they turn on me when I need them the most like Judas.
I'm not in the mood. Lame excuse I know...but that's how its rollin right now. I've pushed many of times. Hell I've pushed when I was in my deepest, darkest months this year. Front and center in CF. Doing my programming or in a class in tears or just about ready to cry but I was there. I don't have it right now. I don't have that oomph. I don't feel like going into the gym be in the middle of a clean and jerk and as I have that bar high over my head have someone walk right in front of me to grab some clips. Or better yet I think I'm out of the way and here comes someone literally 2 feet away from me on the ground warming up, while I'm trying to lift. I will fucking loose it. yeah staying clear from people.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Amanda M...Day 247

Sleep: slept solid

Food: clean

No workout. I was so exhausted and unmotivated. 8 rds of 100m sprints? There was no way I would have survived that. I definitely haven't been eating enough... I think I am going to start ordering from cross cuisine. Sure, it's more expensive than cooking it myself but not having to cook or clean up afterwards is so worth it lol

This is NOT how I thought doing this challenge would feel. I thought I'd be more excited and seeing results already--even just emotional results. I just need to get over this hurdle and it'll be smooth sailing. I hate being a girl.

Maria- Temptation

Maurer- Come to 5:30am, it is a pain in the balls to get up that early (I hate it) but once you are there I KNOW you will love it!  Then you can go home after work.  When I first started there was a group of us that worked out together and held each other accountable, it really helped me to get to the gym and stay on track with my nutrition, but then people disappeared or worked out at different times, and the gym just got huge!  It is hard to stay motivated.

I was thinking today about how what tempts me or is a trigger for me is not an issue for someone else, and vice versa.  Why is that I can be so strong in certain things yet so weak in others?  Some people can eat a few nuts or a little almond butter and be satisfied, but I don't stop until the jar is empty.  Maybe someone can't give up their beloved wine- I could care less about alcohol.  It really is fascinating.

Today was an airdyne day, I was at the gym over an hour:
50/50/50 (calories)

1:3 ratio work:rest so if it took me 3 min to get 50 cal I had to rest for 9 minutes...

worked on strict chin ups, butterfly pullups, and handstand holds in my warm up. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Amanda M...Day 246

Sleep: slept 1045-620

Food: paleo...but not enough. My workout tonight was shiiiiit. I was smoked within just a few minutes. I definitely need to start cooking and preparing more food because there is no way I am eating enough calories to support all my working out

WOD: a bunch of 4 min amraps of hell. I just wasn't feeling it today. Haven't been feeling it for the past few days

Someone made a good point...maybe I'm not feeling that 'spark' because I am bored. I never thought I'd be bored with crossfit but I don't know...maybe I am bored of the classes. They are so crowded lately that they kind of lost their charm. You have to sprint to the equipment to get what you want. No one really knows each other so that 'support system' isn't really there. However, getting a personal workout plan is like $300 a month...and the membership I have now is costly enough. Not sure what I should do!

Wednesday 9/26 Swole as Hell!

Top of the Morning Dudes and Dudettes!

First the diclaimer: I'm typing this at work really fast before the mean boss comes in the to do his daily yelling at me. So forgive the typos and stuff.

Today is a definate rest day.
On the Menu for Wednesday: Breakfast was turkey bacon with eggs
Lunch will be stewed beef with sweet potatoes and steam kale
Dinner: Who knows But I'm sure it will be good.

Ok. Yesterday was a bit of a beast day for me. It was a double wod day for me. Not that it was required but I decided to do a pm oly session at the last minute as soon as I left work.

In the A.M.
A. Power Clean Clusters @ 93% of 1RM 1.1.1x3, rest 10 sec., rest 2min. - 120#
B. Rack Pulls - 3x3, rest 90 sec *barb at knees to start - *weight wasnt indicated so I went at 180#
C. Tall split jerk,, rest 60 sec - 65#
D.1 Reverse Hyper, 3x10, rest 60 sec. . - (I think - 30# for weights)
D.2 CG Bench Press, 3x8, rest 60 sec - Arms tired went light 80#

P.M Oly Session

Warm up:
Front squats bar only, resting on shoulders, arms straight out 3 sets 5x each. Added 10# for last set.
OHS 2sets 5x each
Drop Snatch 3 sets 5x each
Shoulder shrug jumps 2 sets 5 times each.

Work: light weight mid to high reps working on form, balance, etc.

Front squat progression with one jerk. 2sets 5 each *Do three front squats then immediately do one split jerk. - started at 33kg/72.# then up to 35kg/77#

Snatch off the blocks: 35kg/72# then 40kg/88# 3 sets 5 each

Clean Squats 5x consecutive fast movements concentrating on form and elbows UP. 2 sets 5x each 40kg.
Clean Squat one good time after a five minute rest at 43kg.

Last but not least final task at hand with an empty tank were:
Split Jerk Shoulder Press.
You set up go into a split jerk stay in that position and push press 5x. Two sets. Bar Only. He asked if I wanted to go heavier but I had nothing left. 2.25 hours of training was good enough for me.

Hence todays Blog Post Title: Swole as Hell! My limbs feel swollen and tight. Not sore thank goodness but tight. I thought I would be unable to move today but so far so good. I almost have that badass big balls walk going on. ;-P
 Lets see how I feel later this evening ;-)

Amanda M...Day 245

Yesterday was an 'okay' day. I am always extremely moody on Mondays and it doesn't help that my 'friend' is coming to visit within the next few days (sorry anonymous---tmi!). Literally anyone who called me or came into my office--it took everything I had not to punch them in the face just for existing.....yikes!!

Food was good. Starting to really miss sugar--even if its just honey, or dark chocolate.

WOD:.....really boring workout yesterday. SL RDL, snatches and dip holds. That's it...I should have just gone running instead but my back is sooo sore from the DL WOD on monday that I wouldn't have made it 20 feet. Even the warm up 200m last night sucked. It's not feeling any better today either

I have my next 5k in less than 3 weeks and I haven't been running like I should. It's just exhausting getting up at 5 to go to my other gym--dont know how you 530amers do it everyday

Having trouble finding that 'spark' that I usually always have when doing a contest. Right now I am just kind of going with the flow...and it is not enough! I used to be totally pumped and excited, desperately waiting to see results. But, not there yet. Hopefully my switch will turn on soon because I NEED to succeed at this. So tired of being stuck in this same spot that I've been stuck in for 2 years...ughhh

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Maria- good day at the gym...

Today was straight lifting for me:

handstand walking on blue mats x 3 sets- can't walk on my hands yet, but I actually kicked up to a handstand on the blue mats; no wall!!!
CTB pull up work x 3 sets x 3 reps - I DID IT!!!!  Did not string 3 together but got my chest to the bar one at a time

A.  RDL,, 32X1, rest 2 minutes 65/70/75/80/85- this was actually too light for me, could have gone heavier
B.  Split Jerk,, rest 3 minutes I don't think I have ever split jerked 100 lb before! 
C.1  super slider leg curl, 3 x 12, rest 60 seconds
C.2  powell raise, 3 x 12, rest 60 seconds- 12 # every set, these are pretty tough!

Calculating calories so that I can report them to Dr. Jaime.

Before pics were devastating, even though I see myself in the mirror every day, looking at a picture is very different.  Trying not to hate myself or say really nasty things to myself...

Made Paleo zucchini pancakes for b-fast today so good, I have to make sure to try new hings every once in a while to prevent boredom!  Boredom is one cause of me falling off the wagon.

Hey Everybody!!!

Yeah I know...don't fall off your seats I am blogging.
I have to admit this is coming as a direct request from Jay with an extra special F bomb sprinkled with love.
I did mention to him that I don't have anything inspiring and let alone healthy to say to the group and of course he disagreed, as he always does ;-)
I promise I will blog daily and keep you updated on my progress for the rest of the year!

So I'll just start with how its been going. As some of you may know I've been training specifically for Oly comps. Jay has been programming me and on top of that I've been seing Gary once or twice for some work as well. It's been going pretty good. My eating...well I won't get into that. It's definately not horrible but it could be cleaner. I'm finally getting a great feel for squatting with weight. I think somewhere in the back of my mind I was scared and not comfortable enough with the thought of having weight over my head in such a vulnerable position. Gary starts from scratch no matter what so he's slowly developing my form. It seems my fat ass is just too high in the air most of the time. I have to use my legs instead of o Sorry can't help it ;-)
The other day as I'm taking my 90 second break between lifts I felt left out as I stood there watching everyone woding away. Suddenly I didn't feel like a "Crossfitter" anymore. It wasn't a great feeling to say the least. I don't know where that came from but that's how I've been feeling lately.
Anyway my biggest battle right now is my depression. It's been in high gear lately but its a daily battle. I keep the faith and keep some positive energy and people around me.

Love ya's

P.S. My next comp is at Trinity College in the November, The Beast in October and The Open Masters Oly Comp in November. Side note Masters in Oly comps means your old over 35 yikes!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Amanda M...Day 243 & 244

Sunday: I was hungover as hellllll. I did absolutely nothing. My roommate made us all brunch though, thank god! eggs, bacon and these pop-over things (carbs--5pt cheat! boo)

Monday: Ate well, slept well...but still felt like crap during the day. Tonight I had to do the lurong challenge WOD #2...holy FUCK I really never want to do that again. Just sitting here my back is in complete agony. I'll be shocked if I can walk tomorrow

3 rounds
500m row
12 BW deadlifts
21 box jumps 20"
Time: 22:29. I wanted to finish under 20 min but those deadlifts were soooo brutal. But at least it's done!

Maria- I have issues!

SO I go to the gym today, feeling pretty good, that is until the WOD started which for me was:
20 min AMRAP
20 squat cleans 75"
10 pull ups
20 cal on Airdyne

Looking at this I thought I would kill this and be able to move quickly through it.  I don't know what the f was wrong with me today, but my legs didn't want to move, and neither did my arms.  I only got 3 rounds in!  The only thing I could think of was that between Sat and Sun, I did 205 KB swings, and I ran yesterday (double workout) I don't know, but I hit the wall pretty f-in quick today.

So I immediately think I need to eat fruit, so POST WOD I went and bought and apple along with a bag of walnuts!  I go up to the cash register and give the walnuts to the cashier and said, "I am not buying these, I changed my mind."  So thank God they did not make it home.  I ate the apple, and 4 oz salmon, when I got home I had chicken with olive oil mayo then I had a banana with raw almond butter and some coconut water.  I think I have had enough.  I get nervous when my performance is shitty and automatically think I need more food which I know is not the case with me.  Anyway I am rambling now...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Maria Lurong 1 week down

Good day today, did WOD #3 12:36, the burpees just sucked, but I kept moving the whole time, all the KB swings were unbroken.  Went for a 36 min run afterward 1 min @90% 1 min @50%.  Didn't measure my dinner- chicken breast, black olives, cabbage, olive oil mato.  Ate the last of the nuts that were in the house and I am committing right here that there will be NO MORE NUTS in this house to temt me.  As long as I stay from nuts and fruit I will be successful and this will be so much easier!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Maria- Lurong day 6

Good day today, no nuts and no fruit.  Big accomplishments for me.  Sometimes I start feeling sorry for myself when I cut out the nuts and the fruit, but the reality is they hold me back.  Nuts especially give me stomach pains, Jay has told me numerous times that there is no reason I should be having nuts and to cut them out, yet I keep returning back to them just like a woman returning to an abusinve relationship; it is no different.  WOD today:

18 min AMRAP
50m shuttle run x2
35 KB swings 35#
10 35# KB Push Press R arm
10 35# KB Push Press L arm

I was only able to do 3 rounds because the 35# single arm push presses SUCKED- I mean I was only able to do 1 or 2 at a time by the third round.

Kind of feeling pissed at myself, Jay sent me my WODS for the next couple of weeks and he wants me to do handstand walk twice a week in my warm ups and instead of being psyched for the challenge and thinking, "COOL!!!!" my immediate reaction was "I can't do those"  and I sent that message to Jay.  No wonder my progress is slow, I am my own worst enemy.

I am going to attempt handstand walks next week no matter how scared I am

Amanda M...Day 241 & 242

Friday: Sleep, food and WOD all went smoothly. I did the 5 rounds of 20 burpees and 20 kb swings yesterday and holy shit...I am NOT excited about having to do that again in 8 weeks. I did it in 18:49. I was aiming for under 20 so I met my goal

Today: Haven't eaten much. My weekend food schedule is always weird and random. I am throwing a party tonight so I will be taking a cheat for the large amounts of booze I will be consuming. Hopefully I wont have to take any other cheats for the rest of the challenge. Normally, I would just not drink but it's my birthday tomorrow and I want to be able to celebrate! Only comes once a year, afterall :-)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Amanda M...Day 240

Slept great. Went to bed at 930, up at 630

Food: same as yesterday. Sitting here munching on plantain chips and fresh salsa

Seated shoulder press
Ring pull-up negatives (almost didn't try these. Colin saw me get up on the box but step down right away and he stopped and had me try it lol)
AD sprints
Rope slams

Energy at work was very low but made it through the workout pretty okay. Have to be up early to do 4 miles...I forgot my headphones at's going to suuuck

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Maria- Lurong Day 3

Good day today although I overslept and missed my workout.  My arms are sore as hell, so I could use the rest day.  I will make up today's WOD at some point.  It really helped for me to prepare my dinner this morning and have it ready in the fridge so that I could eat it as soon as I got home.   That helped me to avoid picking on food and standing while eating!  The other thing that helped me was to be in contact with other people int he challenge today- makes a big difference for me.  Stress level has been low, and still going to bed too late!  I am going to work on getting more sleep over the next 9 weeks.

Amanda M...Day 239

Slept horribly. Went to bed later than I had hoped because I was caught driving home in the storm. Then I woke up at 4 and couldn't get back to sleep

Food: Again, couldn't eat much because of the pain. Tried eating an was pretty pathetic. I forgot to bring a knife to work to cut it so I nibbled on it like a rabbit

Morning: 7x400m sprints

I did the Lurong Living bench Wod--75 snatches for time at 55#
I finished in 7:12 which was a lot faster than I thought I would do so I am happy about that

After that, I jumped in with the workout of the day to finish up the last 2 rounds of 8 min amraps. It had pullups, DU's, front squats, burpee box jumps, running, T2B. I was fucking spent. After not eating enough and a morning workout, I had nothing left in the gas tank after the snatch workout

Off to bed! I'm exhausted

Amanda M...Day 238

Slept almost 8 hours but it never fails that I have to wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

Food was clean all day but nothing substantial. I have a canker sore on my jaw hinge and now my jaw is swollen and tender as shit. Eating anything that I really have to bite down on is pretty damn painful. This has happened to me every september for the past 3 years. I get a bad sore throat or strep...then canker sore on my jaw. FUN!!!

3 mile run

Hang cleans, bench presses, single leg deadlifts, powell raises...

then 3 rounds
16 clean & jerks
400m run

I ended up switching to just doing cleans because everytime I went to jerk, my shoulder would make a funny popping noise and it was pretty painful. I have to save my shoulder for the snatch WOD so I took it easy

I did a 400m row instead of the run because I have been running in the morning to train for my next 5k and didn't want to have no gas for this mornings workout

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Maria- Lurong Day 2

Went to Trader Joe's today and bought the "Fancy Raw Mixed Nuts" that I love- AGAIN.  Again sabotaging myself and ignoring the healthy voice in my head that says, "you know you can't handle this!"  Maybe I will give them away???? 

Again did not measure dinner time meal, and stood up while eating.  The rest of the day was great and then I blew it by NOT weighing my dinner and NOT sitting down to eat a sane meal.  I deserve better than that.

Snatch WOD today 75 snatches @55# 8:28- Snatches felt good, it was the breathing that slowed me down.


A.  Power Clean,, rest 2 minutes (NOT pretty and NOT TnG)
B.  Axle push press,, rest 90 seconds
C.  good mornings, 3 x 8, rest 60 seconds 53.58.65
D.  Side lying powell raise, 3 x 12/side, 50X1, rest 60 seconds bt. arms 12.12.12- tough

Maria- Giving up??? NO WAY!

Hi Amanda- Boy did I feel guilty when I saw you over the weekend!  The truth is, I kind of gave up on myself.  Regarding blogging, I think that I talked myself out of it because no one is reading it but honestly, the blogging helps me whether or not anybody is reading it.  It forces me to take a look at what I am doing and if I am NOT doing what I committed to do  then WHY NOT? 

I met with Dr. Jaime last week and we talked about a lot of stuff.  I really have to sit down and evaluate why I have the need to friggin sabotage myself.  At least I have this challenge to kick me into gear, but I can't live my life waiting for the next challenge!  I have to do it for me, not because there is some kind of competition.  I just don't know how to get to that point.  Enough rambling..

Day 1 went well, but I didn't really have enough structure around my meals (like I prefer) I was busy so there was a lot of picking here and there vs sitting down and eating.  Not good for me.  Did you do your measurements yet???

Monday, September 17, 2012

Amanda M...Day 237

Day 1 of the paleo wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be considering how horribly I ate yesterday.

Slept okay, stomach was feeling a bit uneasy (shocking!)

Food was on point. Started adding in the powder greens to my diet. I was really dreading it looks fucking disgusting. But, to my surprise, it wasn't all that horrible. It tasted like tea. The only issue I have with it is that its like drinking tea...after the bag busted open and all the leaves busted out. The texture was a little off-putting.

Legs are jello. OHS were sloppy and I wasn't able to RX. It's sad how much strength I have lost over the summer.

Bed early...running in the morning..If I make it out of bed. I better fucking make it out of bed.

Amanda M...234, 235 & 236 was my last weekend of culinary glory. I did some serious damage...that is the only downside to these contests. I act like I'll never be able to eat crap food again in my life so I binge.

Fri was Dunkin Donuts, Subway and Mama Theresa's

Sat was leftover pasta and pizza and then I had to go to a wedding. They had meat, risoto, anitpast-whatever stations and a cupcake/candy bar for dessert. I went to town

Sun...was a bad day. We went to the Big E. And then chiptole cause we're friggen insane.  Let's see, I ate:
Chili cheese fries
Bite of a corn dog
Apple Pie w/ ice cream
Chocolate covered strawberries
Slice of pizza
Few pieces of a blooming onion
Bite of the bacon cheeseburger on a donut (wasn't a fan actually)
Bite of cream puff
Soft serve ice cream on a cone

Everything I got was shared pretty much but now that I'm coming up with a list, it was way too much! God, I'm such a fat kid.

Anyway, today is Monday, the start of the contest. Blog post coming later which I'm sure will have something written about how crappy I feel after yesterday

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Amanda M...Day 233

Food: Well, today was a shit show. It was 'employee appreciation day' at work and they had the Super Duper Weenie truck come by and make us lunch. I had a hot dog, burger and fries. It was free...sue me. Plus I'm getting in my lack kicks before the paleo challenge next week

WOD: bench and row sprints. Bench wasn't as heavy as I would have liked but still good. Rows were the best I've done in a while. Stayed under 1:30/500m time each round...I think between 110-130m average

Pumpeddddd for Monday!! Cant wait to get this contest underway.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Amanda M...Day 232

Sleep and food like usual

Didn't work out...knee has been bothering me and I'm sore as fuck from monday. The last thing my body wanted to do was over 200 squats

Sitting here watching the crossfit games. One part of me is like "fuck that shit!! I have absolutely no desire to do that..." while another part of me really would love to perform in front of a huge crowd and on ESPN like that. I have time...some of these women are in their 30's!! That's so awesome. People always think their glory days are in their twenties. This sport is fucking amazing.

Got bored...saw eggs in the fridge...made cupcakes. People do that, right?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Amanda M...Day 231

Sleep: Man, I was passed the f out last night. I was freeeezing when I woke up though

Food: Good. Not sure if I ate enough though. I felt so sluggish during the workout tonight.

5min amrap x2
100m run
12 deadlifts 105#
6 HR push ups

5 min amrap x2
30 DUs
12 DB snatches 35#
20 sec parallel bar holds

Like I said...felt pretty out of it tonight. Not sure what it was. Also...heavy DB snatches are pretty scary because my shoulder is almost TOO loose. Felt like my arm was going to pop out of socket a few times. There are tons of mobility tips and clinics....but what about those of us who are too mobile?? lol Is there a way to even keep my shoulder from over extending?? Ugh

Monday, September 10, 2012

Amanda M...Day 230

Slept great. LOVE sleeping in this weather. Had two window fans in and my mini fan by my face...ugh, was amazing.

Food: Ate well.....naturally, a few pieces of chocolate haha fuck! I'm an addict.

WOD: No run was a rest day.

Back Squat: 3x5: Got up to 105...had to do 4 sec down so kept it light. Also, knees were bothering my today so I didn't want to do any damage
BB rows: 65#
Overhead walking lunges: 15#
Ring Rows: never counted...didnt do many. Those elevated ring rows are a bitch

Time to make some chili! In my sweatpants. I love fall.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Amanda M...Day 228 & 229

Sat: Did Zumba and then 4 miles at the gym. Zumba was...ehh. Not my favorite thing. I can really well, I know this. However, Zumba makes me feel like an idiot lol maybe its because I don't know the choreography by heart like everyone else in the room does. Honestly, how often do they go in order to memorize EVERY dance?! The 4 miles was good, stopped a few times but got it done.

Sun: Today has been a good day so far. I woke up nice and rested and Chris and I decided to do our runs. I went for 6..and he went for 15 haha one day I'll catch up to him! However, made a BIG improvement. I ran 5 miles without stopping!!! Last monday, 3.1 was the furthest I had gone with out stopping...that was just 6 days ago. It's amazing to see what my body is capable of after allowing myself to actually try. I had convinced myself that if I made it to 4 miles that I could stop...but I felt really good. So I went for 4.25...then 4.5....then I was like-fuck it, let's just go for 5! Felt AWESOME

I burned 918 calories by noon...I ain't doin shit the rest of the day!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Amanda M...Day 227

Sleep and food were good. Had chinese for dinner but it was steamed...put a little soy sauce on it.

No WOD for me yesterday because I had been working out everyday since Monday and will be running 4 miles today and 6 miles tomorrow...took a rest day

Not only am I running 4 miles today but somehow my cousin talked me into doing a Zumba class. Words cant describe how much I loathe zumba......can anyone from CFM even picture me doing that shit? It sucks! each their own. I know she's been struggling with motivation to workout and I know that if I don't go with her she wont go at all. So, I had to say yes. Its only an hour..............its only an hour...........*deep breath*

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Amanda M...Day 226

Do I really need to keep writing my name in the title? I think I'm officially the only one left...

Sleep: Bed at 10, tried to get up to run but realized there was running in todays WOD so I went back to sleep. Up at 630

Food: On point. The usual piece of chocolate. I should probably kick the habit before the challenge starts

DL: (
200m run

Um, fuck this workout. I was dying. I ran pretty well the first few rounds but by the middle of it, I was ready to just pass out.

Bought some new protein powder and powdered greens today. Really excited for them to come in...the protein has absolutely nothing in it but whey isolate. Its shocking to see what kind of crap they put in the flavored kinds. Same with the powdered greens! Get that soy and sugar shit out of my drink mix, pshhh

Feeling 100% better than I did last week. My mood is up and better than ever

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Amanda M...Day 225

Sleep: Bed at 1030 up at 630

Food: paleo all day, one piece of dark chocolate

Front squat: Got up to 140, tried 155 which is 10# over my one rep and failed. I went down too low I think and just couldn't make it! Had to drop it....I don't think that all the running I've been doing helped either. My legs were jello

12min amrap:
100m run
ascending jumping pullups
45sec FLR...probably my least favorite thing ever. I don't understand them.

So today I looked up a 5k training program and man, it is no joke. I've decided to do another 5k next month and I wanted to beat my time. So far, I have a 4 mile run tomorrow, 7x400m runs on Friday and a 6 mile run on Saturday. In a few weeks I'll even have to do a 7 miler...yiiiiikes. Talked to Dr Jaime about nutrition just so I don't burn out.

SOOOO pumped for the paleo challenge. Another week and a half and its onnnnn

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Amanda M...Day 224

Slept solid, although I did wake up in a sweat around midnight. I had two fans on and I still sweat in my sleep lol I'm the best person to cuddle with the winter though so that's a plus.

Food: back to being good.

Shoulder press: Got up to 80lbs. I don't believe it was my one rep max but it went up nice and smooth. I tried to keep my back from arching as that's a pretty good sign that the weight is too much

Power clean: Got up to 145# and failed at 160#. I am always rushed on max clean days! By the time I got to the bar, everyone was getting called over to the board to talk about the next part of the workout. I got 160 up to my chest, but didn't get under it. I KNOW I could have done it. I am so tired of being stuck at the same PR!!

50 kb swings at 35#...did these unbroken.
500m row...2min flat

Theeeeen, I decided to go for a cool down run. It was supposed to be short and turned into being long and panic-y haha I got lost down a bunch of dead end streets. I didn't have my phone or a watch so I thought I was going to get locked out of the gym while my car keys were still in there so I sprinted back. I don't think I have ever ran that fast. On the bright side, it was like a second workout. Boooom

Amanda M...Day 223

Yesterday was the New Haven 5k and let me tell you...that was some experience.

Once I got there, I wasn't nervous or excited...I just wanted the damn thing over with. Before yesterday, the furthest I was able to run without stopping was a mile and a half and I just didnt want to be disappointed with myself.

Once the race started, I knew that I HAD to try running the whole thing. Chris had a pep-talk with me the night before about how my body is completely capable of running that distance with no problem and that it was all in my head. He was so right. Don't let him know I said that ;-)

I knew that once I got to mile 2, I would have absolutely no reason to take any stops. I wouldn't even stop for water. I didn't want any excuse to even slow down. At mile 2, I wanted to fucking speed up and get the damn thing over with but I kept my pace. Once I saw that finish line, I was overwhelmed with emotion lol Chris said it happened to him at his first 5k and I was like yeah whatever, I'll just be glad it was over. I was just so proud of myself for not listening to my usual negativity. I kept saying "my body is able, my body is able" over and over again in my head the whole race and it worked. I think it is going to be my new mantra...

Food was awful lol there was free bread, ice cream and hot dogs...who can say no to that? Not this girl, thats for sure.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Amanda M...Day 221 & 222

Sat and Sun...didn't do much but relax. I really needed a weekend to unwind and take it easy. What better weekend than the 'last' weekend of summer? By the way, that's annoying....fall doesn't start til Sept 23 (my birthday!) so we still have a few weeks left.

5k tomorrow. Feeling impartial to it. I am curious to see how I do but also nervous for that same reason. But, everyone has to start somewhere. Maybe I'll get into more races...

After a bit of pondering, I think I need to change up my routine to hopefully get my spark back. The 530pm classes have gotten so crazy and crowded that it's lost its intimacy. You feel rushed to get the right equipment, sometimes even have to share bars/boxes, you're bumping elbows on the pullup bars, and its just stressful. I've heard nothing but great things about the 530am class...the people are amazing and supportive and its just a lot better. So...looks like I'll be needing to get to bed earlier :-)

Speaking of going to bed...I have my 5k tomorrow. Time to pass out

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Amanda M...Day 220

Sleep and food were good. No workout...just still on a bit of a low but hoping that a nice long weekend and fun with friends will set me straight.

5k on Monday...after that, I am going to stick with keeping running in my routine to help slim down.