Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday 9/26 Swole as Hell!

Top of the Morning Dudes and Dudettes!

First the diclaimer: I'm typing this at work really fast before the mean boss comes in the to do his daily yelling at me. So forgive the typos and stuff.

Today is a definate rest day.
On the Menu for Wednesday: Breakfast was turkey bacon with eggs
Lunch will be stewed beef with sweet potatoes and steam kale
Dinner: Who knows But I'm sure it will be good.

Ok. Yesterday was a bit of a beast day for me. It was a double wod day for me. Not that it was required but I decided to do a pm oly session at the last minute as soon as I left work.

In the A.M.
A. Power Clean Clusters @ 93% of 1RM 1.1.1x3, rest 10 sec., rest 2min. - 120#
B. Rack Pulls - 3x3, rest 90 sec *barb at knees to start - *weight wasnt indicated so I went at 180#
C. Tall split jerk,, rest 60 sec - 65#
D.1 Reverse Hyper, 3x10, rest 60 sec. . - (I think - 30# for weights)
D.2 CG Bench Press, 3x8, rest 60 sec - Arms tired went light 80#

P.M Oly Session

Warm up:
Front squats bar only, resting on shoulders, arms straight out 3 sets 5x each. Added 10# for last set.
OHS 2sets 5x each
Drop Snatch 3 sets 5x each
Shoulder shrug jumps 2 sets 5 times each.

Work: light weight mid to high reps working on form, balance, etc.

Front squat progression with one jerk. 2sets 5 each *Do three front squats then immediately do one split jerk. - started at 33kg/72.# then up to 35kg/77#

Snatch off the blocks: 35kg/72# then 40kg/88# 3 sets 5 each

Clean Squats 5x consecutive fast movements concentrating on form and elbows UP. 2 sets 5x each 40kg.
Clean Squat one good time after a five minute rest at 43kg.

Last but not least final task at hand with an empty tank were:
Split Jerk Shoulder Press.
You set up go into a split jerk stay in that position and push press 5x. Two sets. Bar Only. He asked if I wanted to go heavier but I had nothing left. 2.25 hours of training was good enough for me.

Hence todays Blog Post Title: Swole as Hell! My limbs feel swollen and tight. Not sore thank goodness but tight. I thought I would be unable to move today but so far so good. I almost have that badass big balls walk going on. ;-P
 Lets see how I feel later this evening ;-)


  1. That's a hell of a day, good deal. Those are called Frankenstein squats, right?

  2. I still think you should teach a cooking class! :-)

    1. Haha!! Thanks Amanda! It's a great idea but I need a good kitchen!

  3. Jeez Yadi!!! I am sore just reading this!