Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Amanda M...Day 225

Sleep: Bed at 1030 up at 630

Food: paleo all day, one piece of dark chocolate

Front squat: Got up to 140, tried 155 which is 10# over my one rep and failed. I went down too low I think and just couldn't make it! Had to drop it....I don't think that all the running I've been doing helped either. My legs were jello

12min amrap:
100m run
ascending jumping pullups
45sec FLR...probably my least favorite thing ever. I don't understand them.

So today I looked up a 5k training program and man, it is no joke. I've decided to do another 5k next month and I wanted to beat my time. So far, I have a 4 mile run tomorrow, 7x400m runs on Friday and a 6 mile run on Saturday. In a few weeks I'll even have to do a 7 miler...yiiiiikes. Talked to Dr Jaime about nutrition just so I don't burn out.

SOOOO pumped for the paleo challenge. Another week and a half and its onnnnn


  1. Is it just me or are jumping pullups stupid?

  2. I make that shit look goooooood.

    Just kidding, I feel stupid doing them. However, ring rows are getting really old.