Thursday, September 6, 2012

Amanda M...Day 226

Do I really need to keep writing my name in the title? I think I'm officially the only one left...

Sleep: Bed at 10, tried to get up to run but realized there was running in todays WOD so I went back to sleep. Up at 630

Food: On point. The usual piece of chocolate. I should probably kick the habit before the challenge starts

DL: (
200m run

Um, fuck this workout. I was dying. I ran pretty well the first few rounds but by the middle of it, I was ready to just pass out.

Bought some new protein powder and powdered greens today. Really excited for them to come in...the protein has absolutely nothing in it but whey isolate. Its shocking to see what kind of crap they put in the flavored kinds. Same with the powdered greens! Get that soy and sugar shit out of my drink mix, pshhh

Feeling 100% better than I did last week. My mood is up and better than ever


  1. It would be kind of funny if you started posting as other people, making fake logs, write stuff like "sat on my ass today and didn't log" or "was going to the gym but had a herpes flair-up"

    and also, Progenex works great, but anything except chocolate tastes horrible. Last year they were at the garage games selling it discounted.

  2. Haha oh that's actually a clever idea.

    Sweeeet, Im volunteering the garage games. Maybe I'll rub elbows with the guys and get some fo' free!