Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Amanda M...Day 231

Sleep: Man, I was passed the f out last night. I was freeeezing when I woke up though

Food: Good. Not sure if I ate enough though. I felt so sluggish during the workout tonight.

5min amrap x2
100m run
12 deadlifts 105#
6 HR push ups

5 min amrap x2
30 DUs
12 DB snatches 35#
20 sec parallel bar holds

Like I said...felt pretty out of it tonight. Not sure what it was. Also...heavy DB snatches are pretty scary because my shoulder is almost TOO loose. Felt like my arm was going to pop out of socket a few times. There are tons of mobility tips and clinics....but what about those of us who are too mobile?? lol Is there a way to even keep my shoulder from over extending?? Ugh

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