Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hey Everybody!!!

Yeah I know...don't fall off your seats I am blogging.
I have to admit this is coming as a direct request from Jay with an extra special F bomb sprinkled with love.
I did mention to him that I don't have anything inspiring and let alone healthy to say to the group and of course he disagreed, as he always does ;-)
I promise I will blog daily and keep you updated on my progress for the rest of the year!

So I'll just start with how its been going. As some of you may know I've been training specifically for Oly comps. Jay has been programming me and on top of that I've been seing Gary once or twice for some work as well. It's been going pretty good. My eating...well I won't get into that. It's definately not horrible but it could be cleaner. I'm finally getting a great feel for squatting with weight. I think somewhere in the back of my mind I was scared and not comfortable enough with the thought of having weight over my head in such a vulnerable position. Gary starts from scratch no matter what so he's slowly developing my form. It seems my fat ass is just too high in the air most of the time. I have to use my legs instead of o Sorry can't help it ;-)
The other day as I'm taking my 90 second break between lifts I felt left out as I stood there watching everyone woding away. Suddenly I didn't feel like a "Crossfitter" anymore. It wasn't a great feeling to say the least. I don't know where that came from but that's how I've been feeling lately.
Anyway my biggest battle right now is my depression. It's been in high gear lately but its a daily battle. I keep the faith and keep some positive energy and people around me.

Love ya's

P.S. My next comp is at Trinity College in the November, The Beast in October and The Open Masters Oly Comp in November. Side note Masters in Oly comps means your old over 35 yikes!!!


  1. OMG I am a master? Now that's depressing. I am going to thank Jay for strongly suggesting that you blog because I think you have a lot to offer! I feel left out too sometimes, especially when all I have is lifting and no WOD really going on. I look at what you do and am so impressed! Miss seeing you!

  2. Don't worry Yadi, if your payment clears every month, you're a Crossfitter!

  3. Yadi!! Crossfitting is more than just showing up at the box and working out with the rest of the class. You're a crossfit athlete whether you are on the side doing your own thing or not because we are all there working for the same thing...to better ourselves! We are there to kick our own ass! And that's all that matters!

    Hope to hear more from you!