Sunday, September 2, 2012

Amanda M...Day 221 & 222

Sat and Sun...didn't do much but relax. I really needed a weekend to unwind and take it easy. What better weekend than the 'last' weekend of summer? By the way, that's annoying....fall doesn't start til Sept 23 (my birthday!) so we still have a few weeks left.

5k tomorrow. Feeling impartial to it. I am curious to see how I do but also nervous for that same reason. But, everyone has to start somewhere. Maybe I'll get into more races...

After a bit of pondering, I think I need to change up my routine to hopefully get my spark back. The 530pm classes have gotten so crazy and crowded that it's lost its intimacy. You feel rushed to get the right equipment, sometimes even have to share bars/boxes, you're bumping elbows on the pullup bars, and its just stressful. I've heard nothing but great things about the 530am class...the people are amazing and supportive and its just a lot better. So...looks like I'll be needing to get to bed earlier :-)

Speaking of going to bed...I have my 5k tomorrow. Time to pass out

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