Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Amanda M...Day 245

Yesterday was an 'okay' day. I am always extremely moody on Mondays and it doesn't help that my 'friend' is coming to visit within the next few days (sorry anonymous---tmi!). Literally anyone who called me or came into my office--it took everything I had not to punch them in the face just for existing.....yikes!!

Food was good. Starting to really miss sugar--even if its just honey, or dark chocolate.

WOD:.....really boring workout yesterday. SL RDL, snatches and dip holds. That's it...I should have just gone running instead but my back is sooo sore from the DL WOD on monday that I wouldn't have made it 20 feet. Even the warm up 200m last night sucked. It's not feeling any better today either

I have my next 5k in less than 3 weeks and I haven't been running like I should. It's just exhausting getting up at 5 to go to my other gym--dont know how you 530amers do it everyday

Having trouble finding that 'spark' that I usually always have when doing a contest. Right now I am just kind of going with the flow...and it is not enough! I used to be totally pumped and excited, desperately waiting to see results. But, not there yet. Hopefully my switch will turn on soon because I NEED to succeed at this. So tired of being stuck in this same spot that I've been stuck in for 2 years...ughhh


  1. Ha, no problem on the tmi

    I usually equate being in a rut to being bored. That's when its time to try something new. Do you ever mess around with strongman movements? Try something new (and why anyone would want to run more than a mile is beyond me, that's boring!).

    I forget where it was posted, but someone had a picture from the CFM oly lifting clinic that was about a year and a half ago or so if I rememeber. I'm trying to tread lightly here, please don't take offense (but then again I pick anonymous, so whatever). It looks like you have made great progress since then, you look great, keep it up.

  2. I do think I'm bored...that's a very good point.

    It's okay...I was a huge lard ass haha Still trying to go even further! It's been a rough battle