Saturday, September 22, 2012

Maria- Lurong day 6

Good day today, no nuts and no fruit.  Big accomplishments for me.  Sometimes I start feeling sorry for myself when I cut out the nuts and the fruit, but the reality is they hold me back.  Nuts especially give me stomach pains, Jay has told me numerous times that there is no reason I should be having nuts and to cut them out, yet I keep returning back to them just like a woman returning to an abusinve relationship; it is no different.  WOD today:

18 min AMRAP
50m shuttle run x2
35 KB swings 35#
10 35# KB Push Press R arm
10 35# KB Push Press L arm

I was only able to do 3 rounds because the 35# single arm push presses SUCKED- I mean I was only able to do 1 or 2 at a time by the third round.

Kind of feeling pissed at myself, Jay sent me my WODS for the next couple of weeks and he wants me to do handstand walk twice a week in my warm ups and instead of being psyched for the challenge and thinking, "COOL!!!!" my immediate reaction was "I can't do those"  and I sent that message to Jay.  No wonder my progress is slow, I am my own worst enemy.

I am going to attempt handstand walks next week no matter how scared I am

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  1. Kill it Maria! You'd be amazed at what your body is truly capable of once you give it a chance to try!