Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Amanda M...Day 224

Slept solid, although I did wake up in a sweat around midnight. I had two fans on and I still sweat in my sleep lol I'm the best person to cuddle with the winter though so that's a plus.

Food: back to being good.

Shoulder press: Got up to 80lbs. I don't believe it was my one rep max but it went up nice and smooth. I tried to keep my back from arching as that's a pretty good sign that the weight is too much

Power clean: Got up to 145# and failed at 160#. I am always rushed on max clean days! By the time I got to the bar, everyone was getting called over to the board to talk about the next part of the workout. I got 160 up to my chest, but didn't get under it. I KNOW I could have done it. I am so tired of being stuck at the same PR!!

50 kb swings at 35#...did these unbroken.
500m row...2min flat

Theeeeen, I decided to go for a cool down run. It was supposed to be short and sweet...it turned into being long and panic-y haha I got lost down a bunch of dead end streets. I didn't have my phone or a watch so I thought I was going to get locked out of the gym while my car keys were still in there so I sprinted back. I don't think I have ever ran that fast. On the bright side, it was like a second workout. Boooom

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