Monday, September 17, 2012

Amanda M...234, 235 & 236 was my last weekend of culinary glory. I did some serious damage...that is the only downside to these contests. I act like I'll never be able to eat crap food again in my life so I binge.

Fri was Dunkin Donuts, Subway and Mama Theresa's

Sat was leftover pasta and pizza and then I had to go to a wedding. They had meat, risoto, anitpast-whatever stations and a cupcake/candy bar for dessert. I went to town

Sun...was a bad day. We went to the Big E. And then chiptole cause we're friggen insane.  Let's see, I ate:
Chili cheese fries
Bite of a corn dog
Apple Pie w/ ice cream
Chocolate covered strawberries
Slice of pizza
Few pieces of a blooming onion
Bite of the bacon cheeseburger on a donut (wasn't a fan actually)
Bite of cream puff
Soft serve ice cream on a cone

Everything I got was shared pretty much but now that I'm coming up with a list, it was way too much! God, I'm such a fat kid.

Anyway, today is Monday, the start of the contest. Blog post coming later which I'm sure will have something written about how crappy I feel after yesterday


  1. The worse you feel, the worse you'll do on the benchmark WODs now, the more room for improvement later = big prizes and glory, right? Plus you won't have much competition since a bunch of people doing the challenge were also doing the YLFA, and we all know how well they stuck with that!

  2. I am figuring that my improvement from this week will be quite substantial! Hopefully