Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Amanda M...Day 246

Sleep: slept 1045-620

Food: paleo...but not enough. My workout tonight was shiiiiit. I was smoked within just a few minutes. I definitely need to start cooking and preparing more food because there is no way I am eating enough calories to support all my working out

WOD: a bunch of 4 min amraps of hell. I just wasn't feeling it today. Haven't been feeling it for the past few days

Someone made a good point...maybe I'm not feeling that 'spark' because I am bored. I never thought I'd be bored with crossfit but I don't know...maybe I am bored of the classes. They are so crowded lately that they kind of lost their charm. You have to sprint to the equipment to get what you want. No one really knows each other so that 'support system' isn't really there. However, getting a personal workout plan is like $300 a month...and the membership I have now is costly enough. Not sure what I should do!


  1. What can I do to help? What can we do for each other to get that fire going again? I know what your feeling. Some people would say the honeymoon stage of CF is over. But I think that possibly...just maybe this would be the "phase" in our CF lives that we have to supplement our training with other things. Right? For instance you got running that's peaking your interest. Why not blend the two. A little cf for all around conditioning and running for fun and/or races. I know I have to make a decision like this weekend on how to blend the two for myself. Cf and specific Oly training. I myself can't afford the two but I can make it work somehow someway by balancing out the two. But I know exactly how you feel. Lets put our heads together to find a solution and ourselves out of the rut!!

  2. You're right. Maybe I just need to add in more things...find new races, something. It's been programmed into my brain that I HAVE to be at CFM mon-fri...but why?

    I think a big part of it is that the normal people I used to work out with and made friends with...have fallen off the grid. I feel like such a loner, sitting off by myself. Maybe I should try classes that have a bit more of a solid following. You usually train in the am right? I know Maria does too...I hear great things about the morning crews.

    I think we both need more of an intimate support system. YLA was a great idea...until EVERYONE disappeared after a few months. When Jay asks how I'm doing, I usually settle with an "I'm good!" just because I know he's busy and going into specific details would make his head spin. I'm a pretty private person, like you, but sometimes I just wish I could talk to someone and not feel like I'm bothering them with my life.

    I think we both have a lot of thinking to do! here's my email: Let me know what's going on in your head about your training!