Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Amanda M...Day 232

Sleep and food like usual

Didn't work out...knee has been bothering me and I'm sore as fuck from monday. The last thing my body wanted to do was over 200 squats

Sitting here watching the crossfit games. One part of me is like "fuck that shit!! I have absolutely no desire to do that..." while another part of me really would love to perform in front of a huge crowd and on ESPN like that. I have time...some of these women are in their 30's!! That's so awesome. People always think their glory days are in their twenties. This sport is fucking amazing.

Got bored...saw eggs in the fridge...made cupcakes. People do that, right?


  1. mama used to always say "when life throws you eggs, make cupcakes"

  2. I like that better than that bullshit lemon analogy