Friday, August 31, 2012

Amanda M...Day 219

Wow, dont know what was wrong with me yesterdat but my mood was at an all time low. I haven't felt that down since I was back at 260+lbs and completely disgusted with how my life had turned out. I blame hormoes...they are the devil.

Food was good throughout the day but after that shitty workout and tearful drive home, I took a few junior mints to the face. It would have been a whole box but luckily I only had a few pieces left.

I spent the night watching Chopped. How the hell they come up with such creative meals out of cheese curls, chia seeds, squid and tequila...I will never know. Then switched over to the Roast of Roseanne to end my night on a high note.

WOD: Box squats were fine, shoulder presses were awful (had to take off weight after Coach Ryan stopped me...I HATE taking off weight or having my form corrected--I'm a perfectionist), K2E were fine, FLR--my most favorite thing ever, not! Can someone tell me the point of those? Cause I don't get it

Today is Friday...thank the jesus. I see a few drinks and dancing in my near future. Monday is the 5k and Tuesday, I will be back to my normal self hopefully.

This is the longest its been where I have blogged all by my lonesome. I'm a stubborn German, if you tell me to blog for a year, I will blog for a year. Is there a prize at the end of this thing? There should be...I like prizes...just saying...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Amanda M...Day 218

Slept okay. Been waking up with a sore throat for over a week now. I dont know if I am getting sick or if its just because it's been a lot cooler at night. Either way, I've been downing Vitamin C gummies like its my job...yeah, I said gummies. Its the best way to take vitamins

Food: Paleo all day, few pieces of dark chocolate.

WOD: It was just so nice out, I couldn't stand to be inside for another second even if it was just at the gym. So I went for a run...about 4.5 miles. It really bothers my hips, feels like they need to be popped back into place but I have a 5k on Monday...can't let it get the best of me

All signed up to be a volunteer at the garage games. Pretty excited :-) I hope I get to do crowd a bouncer at the club. I've always wanted to be a bouncer.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Amanda M...Day 217

Yesterday was definitely a better day. Slept a solid 8 hours, which I really needed, and finally got back into the gym. Nothing lures me back to the box quite like some clean and jerks.

Food has been paleo for the most part...besides bits of chocolate and some dairy products. I did have some popcorn last night, only a few handfuls. The bf ate it all before I even had a chance lol I need Sept 17 to get For some reason I can't stay strict on my own, I always have to be in a contest.

Shoulder press 3x3: kept it light at 65#...wanted to see how my upper back has healed--no issues!
Single leg DL: finally starting to get into these.

10-1 Jerks
1-10 Cleans @ 65#
They wanted us to finish under 10 minutes...I got 9:56, woo! I think thats the first time I finished a WOD in the time they told us we should. I was half way done by minute 4, fucking knocked those jerks out like it was nothing. The cleans started to get heavy by then! Took me the other 6 minutes to finish the last half. Endurance could use some work lol

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Amanda M...Day 216

Yesterday was a bad day...all around.

Hoping today is better

Monday, August 27, 2012

Amanda M...Day 213, 214 and 215

Took Friday off from working out again. I was in such a funk from work. I was stressed, exhausted and just wanted to sit on my ass and do nothing. I used my back as an excuse but really, even if I was at 100% I doubt I would have went.

Friday's stress also broke me down--I ate chocolate. Bye bye Sugar Detox. It was hell knowing you.

Honestly, the thought of not being able to eat sugar was so depressing to me. Hopefully it was a nice little training period for the lurong challenge because I have to be sugar free for 9 fucking weeks. At least there is more motivation to stick to that...prizes!

Im in a weight loss contest with Chris through a blog he follows. I hate it. I hate weighing myself--it is so damn hard to see those numbers and not want to hide under my comforter all day. I am so glad the next challenge isnt weight based. I also hope I dont want to quit the next challenge half way through just like I quit everything else halfway through--sometimes its easier to fail by choice than to fail after trying to hard. I think that's my biggest issue....

Monday...I feel like shit. I ate stupid this weekend and I feel so sick from it. I hate my willpower--or lack of it.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Amanda M...Day 212

Slept like shit. My back was in such pain, I couldn't get comfortable. Anytime I moved, it sent shooting pains along my back.

Food was on point, haven't been having problems with that. The cravings are still there but I think its more of a boredom/habit thing at this point. I just really want some fucking marshmallows and chocolate in my mouth.

WOD--didnt work out. I was able to get to the doctor and he cracked me realllllll good. Then put icy hot all over my back. I felt like I was on fire most of the day and I smelled like shit but it felt nice. I took the day off to relax and let shit get back into place. Still bothering me today but not nearly as bad as it felt when it first happened.

I am all signed up for the lurong living paleo challenge and I am fucking pumped! I want to win some cool shit! Mainly clothes and shoes.....most girls love heels and dresses, I love sneakers and workout pants.

Sadly, I have a list of things I want to eat before my 9 week EXTREMELY strict paleo diet starts on Sept 17. It's pretty long........I need to cut some of it out haha not like I'm never going to be able to eat this stuff again in my life. I'm just hoping that at the end of the contest, I won't have any desire to.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Amanda M...Day 211

Slept great, went to bed relatively early cause I had intentions of getting up to run---same story, different day. Woke up, forgot why I was supposed to be up that early, passed back out.

Food: Sugar Detox
No cheats, perfectly clean. This will be my last week of eating sausage in the morning per Dr. Jaime's suggestion. Why not stop now? Cause I bought the stuff and a girl on a budget doesn't let food go to waste lol

A whole bunch of 3 min amraps. Wasn't too horrible but those 3 minutes went by so slow

Totally and completely fucked up my back. I've been having random pain in one spot for a year now and have just worked through it but those wall balls last night really did me in. It hurts to even breathe right now. I just get sharp shooting pains in my back that take my breath away, its unreal.

Just made an appointment at the chiropractor. Hopefully he can fix me up and give me some tips!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Maria Sugar detox Day 13

Slept pretty well last night, but I need to get to bed earlier!!!  I will have to go back to the 5:30am class soon and that means getting up EARLY.

21 DL @ 155
21 push press @ 65#
800m on aD
15 DL @ 155
15 push press @ 65#
800m on AD
9 DL @ 155
9 push press @ 65#
800m on AD
14:10- definitely sweating like a Mo Fo on this one!  Weights were perfect, heavy but manageable.  My shoulders are already sore! 

9 am Post WOD: 3 oz tilapia
10am- 1 Cup egg whites, spinach, 3 oz avocado
2pm- 4 oz turkey leg, big salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, home made salsa and lemon juice
7pm- 3 small chicken drumsticks, baked sole, green salad with egg and ham on it, a little EVOO
Bigger dinner than usual, we spent the day at the beach and stopped at a restaurant for dinner but I kept it clean!  When I got home my first thought was that I wanted some nuts.  I picked up the bag of macadamia nuts and said to myself "HAVE TEA INSTEAD!!!" I put the bag away and made herbal tea.  Then I got out of the kitchen ASAP and did not go back.  I also focused on the kids and getting them ready for bed!
Obviously I was not hungry for more food, yet I was going to eat those nuts as I have done so many times before.  I think I do it to help me relax, or out of habit, or maybe just because they are delicious.  The point is I wasn't hungry.  I am just glad I didn't eat them.

Amanda M...Day 210

Went to bed too late, again. I always have plans to go to bed early but they never work out lol

Food: Sugar Detox Day 10
Sugar cravings are non-existant, finally. I can watch food network without wanting to cry and I dont have to find things to stay busy to keep myself from going into my pantry and murdering some chocolate chips.

WOD: Alot harder than it looked...but isn't that always the case?

3 rounds
Single RDL: Stayed with the 45lb bar. I am ALWAYS pulling my hamstring on deadlifts so I kept the weight light in order to avoid that.
Parrallel bar holds 20-30 sec
T2B no kipping

+12 min amrap: all unbroken
8 DL
3 Push Jerks
100m run

I used 85# and holy hell did that get heavy fast. I think I got about 5 rounds in? The running wasn't horrible compared to the rest of it, shockingly. Coach Miggs came up to me afterwards and told me how awesome my form is and that he loves having me in his classes because he doesn't have to worry about me lol always nice to hear stuff like that.

Ugh, scale hasn't moved in 3 days. I know I shouldnt be weighing myself, especially that frequently, but I cant help it. Once I see that it isnt moving, I obsess even more. I dont know whats wrong...I workout everyday, I haven't slipped up on my food AT ALL, been sugar free...I dont get it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Maria Sugar DT day 12

Hi Amanda, hope you are doing okay- I was so bummed to miss the mtg Monday night, I really needed to be there.  WOD today:
A.  OHS, 8.6.4, rest 2 minutes: 65.75.85
B.  Hang Squat Clean, 3.3.3, rest 90 seconds:85.100.105
1K row
25 double unders
750m row
50 double unders
500m row
75 double unders
250m row
100 double unders


Happy with my weights in the OHS and hang squat clean. Anything from the hang position is hard for me, I think because of my back but I felt strong today.

I have been going a little too crazy with the olive oil mayo the past couple of days, I mean like on the verge of binging, so I need to NOT have that right now.  I can tell I have been eating too much fat and not enough carbs- I just feel out of balance and FAT.  No sugar though, so that's good.  My co worker was chewing a piece of gum yesterday and  I really wanted a piece but I resisted! 

Amanda M...Day 209

Need to go to bed earlier. 10:30-11 is just pushing it and I can feel how it affects me throughout the day. Right now, all I want to do is curl up under my desk and sleep for another hour.

B- sausage and 2 eggs
S- green apple with almond butter
L- homemade paleo jambalaya- chicken, shrimp, bell peppers, onions, chicken stock, thyme, parsley, chili powder, garlic, cauliflower 'rice'....soooo good.
S- red peppers
D- chicken with sauteed onions, zuchinni and sweet potato with garlic and herb seasoning

Went for a 4 mile run/walk. It was sooo nice out and the workout at CFM just didn't appeal to me. When half of the movements involve pullups, I just get annoyed because I'm stuck doing modifications. Ring rows, ring rows, ring rows! AHH! Not a fan of them

AMAZING meeting last night. Honestly, those of you who didn't join us (which it was only Yadi Kathy and I for most of it--Morgan joined after her class) you really missed out. Although, it was pretty nice having a more intimate session with Dr. Jaime. It was like having a one on one consultation. Yadi and I pretty much have the same goals, same hardships and addictions so it was great for her to ask questions I didnt know I needed an answer to and vise versa. I really needed that meeting last night! Been doing a few things wrong so I am hoping to move past the dreaded 200lbs on the scale soon. Been stuck here for 2 years now!

Only 156 days left....starting to feel the pressure! Hope everyone is doing well

Monday, August 20, 2012

Amanda M...Day 206, 207 & 208

Well, I survived the oyster fest. I went only for about a half hour...had to sadly pass by the kettle corn tent and went about my way. It was a bit too hot for me, like it usually is.

I did end up drinking this weekend though, unfortunately--which doesn't follow the sugar detox guidelines but 2 drinks is better than a whole weekend of shit food, right? We went to wendy's afterwards...I was very tempted to get a burger, fries and a frosty but I settled with a small chili with extra onions--another victory from myself!

Sunday morning I was pretty f'n hungover (why do I do that to myself? UGH!) and I was craving a bacon egg and cheese on a bagel from dunkin donuts SOOO bad. So I got in my car, started driving....then yelled at myself for being an asshole and turned right around. I went home, downed a few glasses of water and had some saugsage and eggs. Victory #3!! Was very proud of myself for this. I am my worst enemy

Being in the house when all I wanted was a sweet snack was very difficult. I found myself going into the fridge more than usual and just staring at shit, getting sad, then walking back to the couch lol but week 1 is down...should be smooth sailing from here.

No workouts...I did something to my knee on Friday so I wanted to rest it for this week. Feels fine to walk and run but going up and down stairs is quite painful. Might skip tonight's squat fest and go for a run instead

Friday, August 17, 2012

Amanda M...Day 205

Hi all (or Maria lol)

Slept great but went to bed too late I think. Felt a bit sluggish but not as bad as I have been before. I just had no motivation to do anything at work lol not sure if that was from my sleep or...I just didnt want to do anything!

Food: Sugar DT Day 4
It was a rough day cravings wise. I definitely have been eating enough because I haven't been feeling hungry much at all. I think it was really just me missing it...Its amazing to realize just how much sugar I was really eating. Fruit on the bottom yogurt, chocolate covered almonds, berries, smokehouse maple seasonings, Amanda F says that after day 4 I should find it easier and easier so lets hope so!

Felt really good today. Normally by Thursday I am totally smoked but I think the added fat and bigger meals that I've been eating have really helped keep my energy and strength up. I was definitely not eating enough the past few months.

HPC 5 attempts at a PR: I got up to 145# but that isn't a PR for me. It went up easy too. Colin came over and asked if I got a PR and I felt guilty for having to say no lol he always asks when we have PC max days! I need to start saying yes more!

10 down to 1 HPC 95#
1 up to 10 box jumps 20"box

Blew through the HPC as usual. Box jumps gave me a bit of trouble but I was just happy to be back on the 20" box after having been afraid of it again after being away for so long

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Maria Sugar DT Day 7

Didn't sleep enough AGAIN. Went too bed too late and had to get up early.  I considered staying in bed and blowing off the WOD, but I knew it would eat me up inside all day!

WOD Thursday 8/16
A.  Power Clean -, rest 4 minutes: 105/110/115/110/115/120
B.  Hang Power Clean - in no more than 3 sets take up to heavy triple: 95/100/110
C.  Seated DB shoulder press, 3 x 8/side, 51X1, rest 2 minutes: 10/15/20

Underestimated myself on the shoulder press. 10 was WAYYYY too light, I probably should have used 20# for all three sets

9am- 3 eggs, 2 C frozen spinach, 1/2 haas avocado
12:50pm- HUNGRY- 4 oz ground turkey breast, 1 C green pepper, onion, mushroom, squash, 1 C cauliflower fried rice, 1 TBSP EVOO
6pm- STARVING, 1 C cauliflower fried rice, 2 oz ground turkey, 2 TBSP olive oil mayo
7:30pm- 2 grilled chicken thighs, 1 C cooked cabbage and onions

Finally feeling like myself after the cruise fiasco (sp?). I feel deflated!  Wow, 11 days before feeling back to my old self.  That is a big price to pay for one week of "what the hell."  Anywhoo, I am feeling great on this sugar DT thing, eating lots of healthy fat, and I swear that is what helps curb the cravings.  I feel totally satisfied right now, in the past I would be fighting the temptation of the night time munchies!

Amanda M...Day 204

Slept great. Felt a little sluggish yesterday though.

Food: Sugar Detox Day 3
Ate clean and perfect--3rd straight day in a row. My sugar cravings were kicked into wicked high gear though. All I wanted was a handful of dark chocolate covered almonds. It didnt help that I tagged along with Chris to whole foods (their hot food smelled SO GOOD!!!) or that my roommate was up making cookies all night. UGH! But, I want this so bad...this round I am going to go all the way. No more sabotage. I've spent way too long in the same spot, time to suck it up!

20 min amrap
3 tough ring rows
6 semi-tough ring rows
HR pushups ascending order (6,9,12...)
50m run

Overall was a good workout. Got a good sweat going. I need to start running in the morning again (I dont know how many times I have said that) but I have just been going to bed too late!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Maria- Sugar DT Day 6

So far today: went to bed around midnight last night and woke up around 6:30am because of that crazy thunderstorm and torrential rain.  
1 egg 
1 tsp coconut oil
3 circles of hell
calories on AD/Rower/Ski erg
Maurer, if you want to sweat and get drenched, DO THIS WORKOUT!  There was a puddle at the ski erg big enough that you could see a reflection!
Post WOD around 10am 
2 oz chicken breast 
2 oz calamari 
1/4C sweet potato
4 oz salmon, 
1/2 TBSP Olive Oil Mayo
1 C Broccoli
2C Green Pepper, Mushroom, Spinach, Yellow squash

Cauliflower fried rice
ground turkey
Macadamia nuts 

Amanda M...Day 203

Slept great, it was nice and cool out so I didnt need my A/C--just my window fan and sometimes it feels so much better not being beaten with freezing cold air. Cant wait for fall!

Food- Detox Day 2
Ate really well, lots and lots of protein and healthy fat to keep those detox jitters away. I have been paleo for quite some time so it isn't that major of a difference from what I would normally eat during the week. The weekend, however...I am a little nervous for. Especially this weekend--oyster fest! I ALWAYS would get a big bag of kettle corn and sometimes a fried dough. Plus, that night we always go hard on the drinking and drunk-munching lol so hopefully I can keep it together

1 1/4 shoulder press
3x8/leg one legged DL--feeling those today, woo

6 rds
200m run
10 DL (RX was 145 but I stuck with 125 just because I wanted to make sure my form was perfect and that I'd have energy for the runs)

Nitro-I dont hear or see him all that often, but when he does pop up he always manages to make a huge impact in my day. He gave me a rubber bracelete last night that says "I AM STRONG" on it and it really meant alot to me. Its something I really do need to remind myself of everyday as I am always so hard on myself. I am strong...both physically and mentally. I can do this. Thanks buddy

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Maria Sugar DT Day 5

Slept pretty well last night, woke up once but fell back asleep.  Stress level low, since I have been on vacation since 7/18.

8:30- 3 oz calamari, 1 C cabbage, onion, crushed tomato, 1 tsp olive oil mayo

A.  DL - 1 RM- 230# PR!
B.  50 HSPU w/ harness- OMG this took me almost 20 minutes
C.  50 TGU @ 35#.. NOT FOR TIME- Really?  Cause I really wanted to time it.  Actually I did time it and it took me almost 25 minutes and I used a 24# KB.  My thumb is a now a nice shade of purple after smashing the KB down on it today.  Hurts!

I was at the gym for almost 2 hours today, between warm up- so paranoid about my back- the WOD, and stretching afterward.  It's a good thing I didn't have to work today!  I have not done a heavy DL since my back injury last year, I just couldn't.  So that PR today was SWEET, especially after my disappointment yesterday.  Strengthening my back was one of my goals with this programming, so I am happy.

10am- 1/4C sweet potato, 3 oz chicken breast
2pm- turkey off the bied -unmeasured, olive oil mayo, spaghetti squash
6pm- turkey again, cucumber, tomato, olive oil mayo

Felt a little light headed again today.  I have gone through DT before, and I don't remember feeling like that.  It only happens when I pick up a heavy weight.  I hope it goes away! 

Amanda M...Day 202

Slept solid but woke up feeling tired as HELL. I was dragging ass all morning...I think it was because on Sunday I spent the day out and about rather than sitting on my couch and relaxing. I need a day to totally veg out sometimes.

Food: Sugar Detox Day 1...100% on point for the first time in a long time. No cheats, no slip ups, no cravings. I am elimnating all dairy as well--I was still eating cheese pretty regularly. I'm even taking out almond milk for right now just to see how my body does on water alone.

Honestly, strength days kind of bore me. Yes, they make me sweat and I feel like I've worked out but I don't feel satisfied until I am DRENCHED. So, yesterday was my skip day I guess. Rear leg elevated squats really bother my foot anyways so I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous day and go for a run. I ran on and off for about 4 miles. Running helps me drop weight faster anyways and that is really what I am looking to do at this point.

Running WOD tonight...I usually hate them but I am feeling pretty confident about it at this point

Monday, August 13, 2012

Maria Sugar DT Day 4

Slept better last night, 10pm- 6:45am, woke up once around 3am and fell back asleep.  WOD today:

A.  Back squat - 1 RM- 175
B.  Front Squat - 2 RM- 135
C.  OHS -  3 RM-90

Totally disappointed in myself today.  My previous 1 RM on 5/17 was 185.  I got 175, and then tried 190 and failed.  Thank God I had a good spotter!  I felt weird today, really dizzy and light headed, like my blood pressure was too low or something.  I picked up the bar to do my FS and I got really dizzy and had to drop the bar it was so strange.  Jay reminded me that the emphasis of my programming is to improve on body weight stuff, gymnastics and to get faster- NOT strength. Tomorrow is a chipper, I am nervous about it already....

Sugar DT going well:
8:30am- 6 oz can of tuna, 1 cucumber, 1 TBSP olive oil mayo- Homemade
12:30pm- 6 oz chicken breast, 1 C cooked broccoli, 1 TBSP olive oil mayo, salad with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, 2 TBSP balsamic vinegar, 1 sheet sushi nori (toasted seaweed vegetable)
4:10p- 20 small olives, 6 macadamia nuts
6pm- 3 oz steamed calamari, 1 C cooked cabbage, onion, crushed tomato
7p-8p- taught a weight class
8:30p- 3 oz turkey (off the bird), 1 TBSP olive oil mayo

Amanda M...Day 199, 200 & 201

Holy shit, we are in the 200's. The time has flown by and it feels like I haven't done anything yet. I hate that feeling!

Friday: Workout was great. I havent felt that good in a WOD since before my foot injury so it was an amazing feeling. Its so crazy to see how eating right really affects your performance. The bf and I went to Joey C's for dinner afterwards. I was going to behave but temptation got the best of me. I got the cali-quesadilla. How can I pass up turkey, bacon and cheese?

Sat & Sun: Lots of drinking happened this weekend...and bad eating. I am starting my sugar detox today so it was kind of a last hoorah before my 21 day torture lol

I know the first few days of the detox will be hell but I have heard wonderful things about the results. Obviously weight loss is my main goal with this YLA but with the detox I am looking to improve my performance...and hopefully clear up my skin. My mom has been telling me since I was a kid that my body reacted to sugar and carbs way worse than anyone she's known so hopefully, even after the 21 days, I will be able to stick to this thing.

Great to have you back Maria!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Maria Sugar DT Day 3

I went camping Sat night and did not have access to a computer.  There were tons of camping temptations: Smores, cookies, chips, watermelon, cheese, crackers, all that shit that I love, but I didn't have anything.  Food Today:
8am: turkey bacon and scrambled eggs.  I know I ate way more than I needed to- When there are all these temptations around I just eat more of the things I can to help me get through it.  Food still has a strong hold on me.
9:45-10:45- 1 hour recovery run- 4.6 miles
1pm- chicken drumstick and chicken thigh, broccoli, green salad with olive oil and vinegar
6:30pm- steak with home made olive oil mayo, 1 slice corned beef.

Didn't measure portions at the campsite, will resume tomorrow.

Not sleeping at all, Uncomfortable in a tent on an air mattress that deflated, then my kids were up at like 5am.  I have been reading more and more about how lack of sleep can halt all progress no matter how clean you are eating and how hard you are training.  This week I am going to focus on going to bed earlier.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Maria Sugar DT day1

I figured what the hell, might as well start today with the detox thing- No fruit fresh or dry, nothing with artificial sweeteners including sugarless gum and breath mints (I love gum and mints).  Sooooo I feel so out of touch with everyone, and I have not had any sense of accountability.  I was doing so well with the blogging!  I feel so disconnected!  Today, I recommit to the YLA- We were all so enthusiastic in the beginning and I want that feeling back.  So far so good today.  I taught a kickboxing class this morning and then went to CFM for this WOD:
A.  Thruster,, rest 90 seconds: TOUGH
B.1  Wide grip BB bent over row, 4 x 5-7, 31X1, rest 1 minute: 85/6.85/7.85/7.85/7
B.2  1 1/4 CG Bench, 4 x 6, rest 1 minute: 85/6.85/6.90/4.90/4
wearing a 20# vest
60 sec. on AD AFAP
rest/walk for 3 minutes x 5: Calories: 19/21/23/20/24
 Food today:
B: 4 oz tilapia, 1 cucumber, 1 TBSP EVOO
S: (after kickboxing) 1 1/2 oz sweet potato, 2 oz tilapia
L: 3 oz chicken thigh, onion, pepper, spaghetti squash, crushed tomato sauteed in 1 TBSP coconut oil, salad with lettuce, tomato, cuc, artichoke hearts, 1 tsp EVOO, bals vinegar
S: 3 oz chicken breast
D: 3 oz chicken breast, cabbage,onion, spaghetti squash, crushed tomato sauteed in 1 TBSP coconut oil, raw broccoli with home made paleo ranch dressing (YUMMMMM)

Getting stronger, weights have increased since starting the programming, I still feel as if I am so slow.  Nutrition is so critical, it is truly the foundation of everything! That and sleep.  I have not had a good night's sleep in a LONG time.  I have been up with my kids or I am too hot, or I am hormonal, you name it.  I just want to sleep through the night! Oh and try going on a cruise for a week and eating whatever and then going to CFM.  Not fun.  This week was a struggle in the gym, plus I taught 5 classes this week.  Today is the first day that I am not totally sore from head to toe!  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Amanda M...Day 198

Slept well, solid as usual

Food: Was good all day. Had half a tuna sandwich at dinner cause I was too lazy to make anything else. One slide of whole wheat bread and a whole can of tuna, spoon of mayo

Felt strong as shit today, for once.

Sumo DL: got up to 145 on the mixed grip

Sled pulls: I did 225# with the boys haha I love grabbing the straps from them when they are done and not take any weight off...then pass it along to another. Didn't really struggle with it either
Farmers carry: 55#
30# overhead ball throw: almost broke my back on the last one haha threw it right up in the air and almost caught it with my face

Night all

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Amanda M..Day 197

Slept HARD. I was supposed to wake up and go running but I immediately shut my alarm off and passed out within a second. Sometimes when your body wants you to sleep, you should just listen

Food was on point. Missed my second snack because I had to leave work early to go to the bank for my job. Ended up home by 4....took a nap til 5:15 haha my body loves sleep!

Today's workout just was not something I wanted to subject myself to. I hate to admit that. It takes A LOT for me to skip a WOD but when there's running and wall balls with rounds for time, I just freak out. Too much pressure for me. So I went for a run instead...did about 4.2 miles which is the furthest I have gone, literally, in my life lol kinda sad but whatever. It was nice though. I'm thinking of doing 530 am WODs and going running after work instead. I like running in the head and humidity, not sure why. Plus sometimes the 530 pm class is insanely crowded

Hope everyone is doing well

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Amanda M...Day 196

Sleep was great. I was supposed to wake up for a run but I just could not get myself out of bed. I was so comfy and so out of it

Food. Same as yesterday. Although, I just ate a marshmallow with some dark chocolate. I was really craving something sweet...bad bad bad!!

Dip holds
Good mornings

7 rds:
7 PC 75# RX
7 push ups
Finished 6:42

Felt a bit stronger today but still am slacking on the endurance. One day at a time

Thinking of doing a sugar detox. I am always craving sugar and carbs and I just want it to stop. Plus, it'll help with my weight loss, mood swings, etc etc. Going to start monday...who's with me?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Amanda M...Day 195

Slept great and solid. Right through til my alarm went off.

B- yogurt
S- hard boiled eggs and strawberries
L- boiled chicken with smokehouse maple seasoning, side of broccoli
S- red peppers
D- sweet potato bacon turkey burger over spinach with some bleu cheese crumbles

1 1/4 back squats 3.3.3 95/100/105
Squat cleans 5.4.3...only did the 5 and 4 because I pulled something in my leg and wanted to save some juice left for the WOD. Apparently I pulled my IT band in my quad, hurts like a bitch! Will have to roll out tomorrow

Thrusters 68lbs--abnormally light for me, but I was in pain
burpee pull ups--these make me feel like I can actually do a pull up lol I just use the short bar and jump up

Amanda M...Day 192, 193 & 194

Man, we're almost at day 200...where has the time gone?!

Good weekend. I have definitely calmed down my intense eating which is great. A few slip ups, but nothing horrible. I did go out drinking on saturday for the first time in over a month. I did not miss being hungover...ugh. It was fun to dance all night even though the DJ was AWFUL!!! If I wanted to listen to Katy Perry and Rhinna remixes all night, I would have just stayed home and turned on KC 101 in my living room.

It was SOOOO fucking hot. I had absolutely no motivation to do a workout. I honestly cannot wait for fall. Only another month of this shit!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Got back this morning from the cruise- it was AMAZING.  For one week, I didn't worry about what I ate.  I ate everything I wanted, and loved it!!!!  I honestly can't remember the last time I did that.  And you know what?  It was pretty damn liberating.  AND I am not going to worry about it, say mean things to myself or obsess about the damage I did.  For once, I just want to be a NORMAL person, and just move on.  I am honestly tired of obsessing about how I look all the time, and my performance at the gym. It is like a full time job going on in my head. That being said, I did not miss a workout while on vacation.  I definitely got looked at funny during my WODS- Jay programmed a couple of doosies.  But of course I loved the WODS.  I even practiced HSPU off of the benches they had in the gym.  Looking forward to getting back into my routine!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Amanda M...Day 191

Slept solid. Woke up early to go for a run. Did almost 3 miles, hoping to continue to add more and more miles. I suck at running so its time to shut up and just get better at it

Food: clean all day despite dark chocolate covered almonds. They help me stay alive at work lol

10-1 ladder of back squats and DL
6 sets of 15 sec of rope slams

Once again, looked easy on paper but it kicked my ass. Maybe I'm not eating enough or maybe the weather is just really rough. All I know is that my legs are shot and I could go to bed right now at 830 and sleep straight through til 630. UGH!!

Been another rough week, esteem wise. But I will be back to my old self shortly. Im starting to find my spark again..I missed it

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Amanda M...Day 190

Sleep and food the same as yesterday. Went to bed a bit too late but I felt okay today throughout the day. Work really kept me on my toes...cant wait for the weekend.

WOD: Had no desire to do the performace WOD today. It was just too much for me to handle. I just knew I would have to modify everything so I just went with fitness.

10 Ring rows
200m run
20 lunges
50 jump rope singles

So much harder than I thought it would be. It was just as discouraging as the performance workout would have been. I keep getting caught up in how well I was performing before my injury and comparing it to how I am now. Just have to remember that its one step at a time. It didnt take overnight to do this damage so it wont be overnight that I fix it

Amanda M...Day 189

Slept great. Went to bed by 10 and was up by 530 to go for a morning run. The weather was perfect for it...nice and cool. I was out there for a half hour but not sure how far I ran.

B- yogurt
S- hard boiled eggs
L- chicken with sauteed onions, shredded sweet potato and zuchini, apple with almond butter
S- red peppers
Pre-workout- banana
Post-workout/Dinner- southwest meatloaf over some spinach with light sour cream

1 1/4 shoulder press 45/55/55/60
Single leg DL: 38#...these were harder than they looked

2 min amrap of
KB swing- 35#
SDHP- 58#

I was wondering why we were only doing 1 round.....but after we were done, I figured out why lol that was rough.

Had a nice little chat with Nitro and Liz afterwards. Always a pleasure!