Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Amanda M...Day 210

Went to bed too late, again. I always have plans to go to bed early but they never work out lol

Food: Sugar Detox Day 10
Sugar cravings are non-existant, finally. I can watch food network without wanting to cry and I dont have to find things to stay busy to keep myself from going into my pantry and murdering some chocolate chips.

WOD: Alot harder than it looked...but isn't that always the case?

3 rounds
Single RDL: Stayed with the 45lb bar. I am ALWAYS pulling my hamstring on deadlifts so I kept the weight light in order to avoid that.
Parrallel bar holds 20-30 sec
T2B no kipping

+12 min amrap: all unbroken
8 DL
3 Push Jerks
100m run

I used 85# and holy hell did that get heavy fast. I think I got about 5 rounds in? The running wasn't horrible compared to the rest of it, shockingly. Coach Miggs came up to me afterwards and told me how awesome my form is and that he loves having me in his classes because he doesn't have to worry about me lol always nice to hear stuff like that.

Ugh, scale hasn't moved in 3 days. I know I shouldnt be weighing myself, especially that frequently, but I cant help it. Once I see that it isnt moving, I obsess even more. I dont know whats wrong...I workout everyday, I haven't slipped up on my food AT ALL, been sugar free...I dont get it.


  1. Are you weighing yourself every day? I used to do that, sometimes multiple times a day. It will make you NUTS, and give the scale power over your emotions for the ENTIRE day. I unfortunately have swung entirely the other way where I don't weigh myself at all and that is not good either. It is tough because we need to weigh ourselves to gauge how we are doing, but I end up giving it so much power!

  2. I only weigh myself everyday if I dont see it moving! lol I get wtf is going on, I haven't lost anything. Although, I weighed myself today and was down 2lbs so I wont step back on for a while again I think....hopefully