Monday, August 20, 2012

Amanda M...Day 206, 207 & 208

Well, I survived the oyster fest. I went only for about a half hour...had to sadly pass by the kettle corn tent and went about my way. It was a bit too hot for me, like it usually is.

I did end up drinking this weekend though, unfortunately--which doesn't follow the sugar detox guidelines but 2 drinks is better than a whole weekend of shit food, right? We went to wendy's afterwards...I was very tempted to get a burger, fries and a frosty but I settled with a small chili with extra onions--another victory from myself!

Sunday morning I was pretty f'n hungover (why do I do that to myself? UGH!) and I was craving a bacon egg and cheese on a bagel from dunkin donuts SOOO bad. So I got in my car, started driving....then yelled at myself for being an asshole and turned right around. I went home, downed a few glasses of water and had some saugsage and eggs. Victory #3!! Was very proud of myself for this. I am my worst enemy

Being in the house when all I wanted was a sweet snack was very difficult. I found myself going into the fridge more than usual and just staring at shit, getting sad, then walking back to the couch lol but week 1 is down...should be smooth sailing from here.

No workouts...I did something to my knee on Friday so I wanted to rest it for this week. Feels fine to walk and run but going up and down stairs is quite painful. Might skip tonight's squat fest and go for a run instead

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