Friday, August 17, 2012

Amanda M...Day 205

Hi all (or Maria lol)

Slept great but went to bed too late I think. Felt a bit sluggish but not as bad as I have been before. I just had no motivation to do anything at work lol not sure if that was from my sleep or...I just didnt want to do anything!

Food: Sugar DT Day 4
It was a rough day cravings wise. I definitely have been eating enough because I haven't been feeling hungry much at all. I think it was really just me missing it...Its amazing to realize just how much sugar I was really eating. Fruit on the bottom yogurt, chocolate covered almonds, berries, smokehouse maple seasonings, Amanda F says that after day 4 I should find it easier and easier so lets hope so!

Felt really good today. Normally by Thursday I am totally smoked but I think the added fat and bigger meals that I've been eating have really helped keep my energy and strength up. I was definitely not eating enough the past few months.

HPC 5 attempts at a PR: I got up to 145# but that isn't a PR for me. It went up easy too. Colin came over and asked if I got a PR and I felt guilty for having to say no lol he always asks when we have PC max days! I need to start saying yes more!

10 down to 1 HPC 95#
1 up to 10 box jumps 20"box

Blew through the HPC as usual. Box jumps gave me a bit of trouble but I was just happy to be back on the 20" box after having been afraid of it again after being away for so long

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