Thursday, August 30, 2012

Amanda M...Day 218

Slept okay. Been waking up with a sore throat for over a week now. I dont know if I am getting sick or if its just because it's been a lot cooler at night. Either way, I've been downing Vitamin C gummies like its my job...yeah, I said gummies. Its the best way to take vitamins

Food: Paleo all day, few pieces of dark chocolate.

WOD: It was just so nice out, I couldn't stand to be inside for another second even if it was just at the gym. So I went for a run...about 4.5 miles. It really bothers my hips, feels like they need to be popped back into place but I have a 5k on Monday...can't let it get the best of me

All signed up to be a volunteer at the garage games. Pretty excited :-) I hope I get to do crowd a bouncer at the club. I've always wanted to be a bouncer.


  1. I love checking out the "Amanda's Year Long Fitness Assessment" everyday, keep killin it, you're doing great

  2. You're more dedicated to this blog than any of the other members...sad! But thank you for the support :-)