Monday, August 6, 2012

Amanda M...Day 195

Slept great and solid. Right through til my alarm went off.

B- yogurt
S- hard boiled eggs and strawberries
L- boiled chicken with smokehouse maple seasoning, side of broccoli
S- red peppers
D- sweet potato bacon turkey burger over spinach with some bleu cheese crumbles

1 1/4 back squats 3.3.3 95/100/105
Squat cleans 5.4.3...only did the 5 and 4 because I pulled something in my leg and wanted to save some juice left for the WOD. Apparently I pulled my IT band in my quad, hurts like a bitch! Will have to roll out tomorrow

Thrusters 68lbs--abnormally light for me, but I was in pain
burpee pull ups--these make me feel like I can actually do a pull up lol I just use the short bar and jump up

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