Monday, August 27, 2012

Amanda M...Day 213, 214 and 215

Took Friday off from working out again. I was in such a funk from work. I was stressed, exhausted and just wanted to sit on my ass and do nothing. I used my back as an excuse but really, even if I was at 100% I doubt I would have went.

Friday's stress also broke me down--I ate chocolate. Bye bye Sugar Detox. It was hell knowing you.

Honestly, the thought of not being able to eat sugar was so depressing to me. Hopefully it was a nice little training period for the lurong challenge because I have to be sugar free for 9 fucking weeks. At least there is more motivation to stick to that...prizes!

Im in a weight loss contest with Chris through a blog he follows. I hate it. I hate weighing myself--it is so damn hard to see those numbers and not want to hide under my comforter all day. I am so glad the next challenge isnt weight based. I also hope I dont want to quit the next challenge half way through just like I quit everything else halfway through--sometimes its easier to fail by choice than to fail after trying to hard. I think that's my biggest issue....

Monday...I feel like shit. I ate stupid this weekend and I feel so sick from it. I hate my willpower--or lack of it.

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