Friday, August 31, 2012

Amanda M...Day 219

Wow, dont know what was wrong with me yesterdat but my mood was at an all time low. I haven't felt that down since I was back at 260+lbs and completely disgusted with how my life had turned out. I blame hormoes...they are the devil.

Food was good throughout the day but after that shitty workout and tearful drive home, I took a few junior mints to the face. It would have been a whole box but luckily I only had a few pieces left.

I spent the night watching Chopped. How the hell they come up with such creative meals out of cheese curls, chia seeds, squid and tequila...I will never know. Then switched over to the Roast of Roseanne to end my night on a high note.

WOD: Box squats were fine, shoulder presses were awful (had to take off weight after Coach Ryan stopped me...I HATE taking off weight or having my form corrected--I'm a perfectionist), K2E were fine, FLR--my most favorite thing ever, not! Can someone tell me the point of those? Cause I don't get it

Today is Friday...thank the jesus. I see a few drinks and dancing in my near future. Monday is the 5k and Tuesday, I will be back to my normal self hopefully.

This is the longest its been where I have blogged all by my lonesome. I'm a stubborn German, if you tell me to blog for a year, I will blog for a year. Is there a prize at the end of this thing? There should be...I like prizes...just saying...


  1. The key to cooking like that is to start with the tequila, then who gives a shit about the rest, it's always cinquo de mayo somewhere