Thursday, August 16, 2012

Maria Sugar DT Day 7

Didn't sleep enough AGAIN. Went too bed too late and had to get up early.  I considered staying in bed and blowing off the WOD, but I knew it would eat me up inside all day!

WOD Thursday 8/16
A.  Power Clean -, rest 4 minutes: 105/110/115/110/115/120
B.  Hang Power Clean - in no more than 3 sets take up to heavy triple: 95/100/110
C.  Seated DB shoulder press, 3 x 8/side, 51X1, rest 2 minutes: 10/15/20

Underestimated myself on the shoulder press. 10 was WAYYYY too light, I probably should have used 20# for all three sets

9am- 3 eggs, 2 C frozen spinach, 1/2 haas avocado
12:50pm- HUNGRY- 4 oz ground turkey breast, 1 C green pepper, onion, mushroom, squash, 1 C cauliflower fried rice, 1 TBSP EVOO
6pm- STARVING, 1 C cauliflower fried rice, 2 oz ground turkey, 2 TBSP olive oil mayo
7:30pm- 2 grilled chicken thighs, 1 C cooked cabbage and onions

Finally feeling like myself after the cruise fiasco (sp?). I feel deflated!  Wow, 11 days before feeling back to my old self.  That is a big price to pay for one week of "what the hell."  Anywhoo, I am feeling great on this sugar DT thing, eating lots of healthy fat, and I swear that is what helps curb the cravings.  I feel totally satisfied right now, in the past I would be fighting the temptation of the night time munchies!

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  1. Its just astonishing to me that we have been told our whole lives that fat is bad for you! 'low fat' this, 'low fat' that, only eat lean protein, etc etc....I think it was a trick just to keep us eating from not being full and satisfied! Good job getting to the WOD when you didnt want to :-)