Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Amanda M...Day 203

Slept great, it was nice and cool out so I didnt need my A/C--just my window fan and sometimes it feels so much better not being beaten with freezing cold air. Cant wait for fall!

Food- Detox Day 2
Ate really well, lots and lots of protein and healthy fat to keep those detox jitters away. I have been paleo for quite some time so it isn't that major of a difference from what I would normally eat during the week. The weekend, however...I am a little nervous for. Especially this weekend--oyster fest! I ALWAYS would get a big bag of kettle corn and sometimes a fried dough. Plus, that night we always go hard on the drinking and drunk-munching lol so hopefully I can keep it together

1 1/4 shoulder press
3x8/leg one legged DL--feeling those today, woo

6 rds
200m run
10 DL (RX was 145 but I stuck with 125 just because I wanted to make sure my form was perfect and that I'd have energy for the runs)

Nitro-I dont hear or see him all that often, but when he does pop up he always manages to make a huge impact in my day. He gave me a rubber bracelete last night that says "I AM STRONG" on it and it really meant alot to me. Its something I really do need to remind myself of everyday as I am always so hard on myself. I am strong...both physically and mentally. I can do this. Thanks buddy


  1. He gave me the same bracelet- it means a lot. What a guy! STAY STRONG FOR OYSTER FEST!!!! Remember why you want to do this.

  2. You both are VERY strong and I'm so proud of you girls! Even though I'm not blogging alot or you may not see me at the gym...I'm still keeping close tabs on you and you both are killing it...keep going!!!