Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Amanda M...Day 217

Yesterday was definitely a better day. Slept a solid 8 hours, which I really needed, and finally got back into the gym. Nothing lures me back to the box quite like some clean and jerks.

Food has been paleo for the most part...besides bits of chocolate and some dairy products. I did have some popcorn last night, only a few handfuls. The bf ate it all before I even had a chance lol I need Sept 17 to get For some reason I can't stay strict on my own, I always have to be in a contest.

Shoulder press 3x3: kept it light at 65#...wanted to see how my upper back has healed--no issues!
Single leg DL: finally starting to get into these.

10-1 Jerks
1-10 Cleans @ 65#
They wanted us to finish under 10 minutes...I got 9:56, woo! I think thats the first time I finished a WOD in the time they told us we should. I was half way done by minute 4, fucking knocked those jerks out like it was nothing. The cleans started to get heavy by then! Took me the other 6 minutes to finish the last half. Endurance could use some work lol

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