Thursday, August 23, 2012

Amanda M...Day 211

Slept great, went to bed relatively early cause I had intentions of getting up to run---same story, different day. Woke up, forgot why I was supposed to be up that early, passed back out.

Food: Sugar Detox
No cheats, perfectly clean. This will be my last week of eating sausage in the morning per Dr. Jaime's suggestion. Why not stop now? Cause I bought the stuff and a girl on a budget doesn't let food go to waste lol

A whole bunch of 3 min amraps. Wasn't too horrible but those 3 minutes went by so slow

Totally and completely fucked up my back. I've been having random pain in one spot for a year now and have just worked through it but those wall balls last night really did me in. It hurts to even breathe right now. I just get sharp shooting pains in my back that take my breath away, its unreal.

Just made an appointment at the chiropractor. Hopefully he can fix me up and give me some tips!


  1. When I have sausage to burn, this is the go-to recipe: PaleOMG's caramelized onion and sausage frittata. It's fucking awesome, I wouldn't stick my sausage in anything else.

  2. I dont know who you are, but you're awesome.