Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Maria Sugar detox Day 13

Slept pretty well last night, but I need to get to bed earlier!!!  I will have to go back to the 5:30am class soon and that means getting up EARLY.

21 DL @ 155
21 push press @ 65#
800m on aD
15 DL @ 155
15 push press @ 65#
800m on AD
9 DL @ 155
9 push press @ 65#
800m on AD
14:10- definitely sweating like a Mo Fo on this one!  Weights were perfect, heavy but manageable.  My shoulders are already sore! 

9 am Post WOD: 3 oz tilapia
10am- 1 Cup egg whites, spinach, 3 oz avocado
2pm- 4 oz turkey leg, big salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, home made salsa and lemon juice
7pm- 3 small chicken drumsticks, baked sole, green salad with egg and ham on it, a little EVOO
Bigger dinner than usual, we spent the day at the beach and stopped at a restaurant for dinner but I kept it clean!  When I got home my first thought was that I wanted some nuts.  I picked up the bag of macadamia nuts and said to myself "HAVE TEA INSTEAD!!!" I put the bag away and made herbal tea.  Then I got out of the kitchen ASAP and did not go back.  I also focused on the kids and getting them ready for bed!
Obviously I was not hungry for more food, yet I was going to eat those nuts as I have done so many times before.  I think I do it to help me relax, or out of habit, or maybe just because they are delicious.  The point is I wasn't hungry.  I am just glad I didn't eat them.

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