Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 127...

You guys I'm so sorry I'm not blogging.  I will try to do better just crazy busy but that's not excuse!  Diet has been good but I've been craving carbs.  Had some cheats like a Polish Brats on a hot dog roll with grilled onions and Kraut with mustard.  Wish I had 6 of those.  Had some cookies and carrot cake also over the weekend...probably a little too much but hey c'mon I'm starving!  Then jumped back on the wagon and killed it since then.  Really hungry though.  Gonna mix in some baked sweet potatoes and strawberries for a bit.  The WOD's Jason has me doing are totally wearing me out but I think cause I'm out of gas cause I don't get enough carbs...we'll see.  As for the WODs they're sick.  Both in good and bad ways...of course.  What we're doing is totally working.  Example is Wednesday:
10 minute amrap
10 ring push ups
20 double unders
10 pull ups
200 meter run
(4 rounds)
rest 5 minutes
10 minute amrap
15 box jumps, 24″
10 T2B
500 meter row
(2 Rounds + 2 box jumps, just realized I was doing 10 box jumps and 15 T2B and I was in rough shape for the T2B, DUHHHHHH!)
rest 5 minutes
10 minute amrap
1 minute amrap double unders
20 calories on AD (AD had no battery so I just crushed for 1 minute)
10 push press @ 75#
(3 Rounds and :45 sec into AD, still completed round 4 after time expired)

Before this WOD I was a complete mental case.  How am I going to do all this shit?  I'm not going to get any rounds!  Maybe I need a rest day?  T2B...awww man!  I was kind of making mental excuses.  Then once I got all stretched out and I had 30 seconds before 3..2...1...GO it all came together.  My whole mind set changed.  I literally felt the training take over and was ready to go.  Two major things we are working on right now are lactate endurance and aerobic capacity.  The amount of volume I had to do in a relatively short amount of time with little rest was nuts.  I actually felt good in the 3rd 10 minute amrap.  I crushed double unders like no other (finally got a real speed rope from Rouge while I was at regionals).  I can't wait to do the Flight Simulator (some crazy double under WOD) again that I had to do in testing.  It's just really cool to see the programming working literally right before my eyes.  But with all that said I am beat and tired and hunger almost all the time.  Eat, Sleep and Hydrate...that's what's up! 

Amanda M...Day 127

Sleep: Bed at 11, up by 630

Food: Good all day, then came home after my workout and stuffed my face with marshmellows lol its my thing when I' know ladies. I guess it could have been worse?

WOD: wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Sled pushes (RX), double unders, abmat situps, bench press (65#) it probably would have been harder if I pushed myself harder but I just don't have it in me this week. I'm just so tired and worn out from all the stress at work. Hoping next week will be better

Maria Week 19 Day 4

Bed at 11p, up at 6a- slept great.

8a- 3oz wild salmon, 1 C spaghetti squash

A.1  HSPU, 4 x 5  rest 2 minutes
A.2  muscle up work on harness, 4 x 5-6, rest 2 minutes
For Time:
15  pull ups
50 push press @ 55#
1K row 

Okay, had to face my overwhelming anxiety and do HSPU with the harness on.  I could not even kick up for the first few tries, but then I got it.  I tried to get Jay to let me do the HSPU off a box and he said, "You will never get better unless you overcome this." He is right, I always stay within my comfort zone, but today I kicked it in the ass!  Thanks to coach Tim who worked the harness for me.  I am getting more comfortable with the muscle ups on the harness, it is actually kind of fun! Also did the pull ups unbroken which is a HUGE PR for me, felt strong today!
12p- 3 oz tilapia, 2 C lettuce, 1 C asparagus, 1/2 tsp fish oil
3:45p-HUNGRY- 3 oz chicken breast, 3 C homemade veggie soup, 1 tsp fish oil
6p- 4 oz wild salmon, 1 sheet sushi nori
7:30p- 6 oz turkey, 3 C brussels sprouts 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5.30.12- Morgan

1/2 cup quinoa w/ 1/4 cup berries & 2 tsp all-fruit spread
1 piece of Ekeziel bread with all-fruit spread
Spinach salad with chicken, zucchini, peppers
Salad with chicken, olives, tomatoes
Spinach with beans & salmon
1 piece of pork, broccoli, & peas

Cheats: Coconut ice cream & red wine

WOD: My previous 1 rep max back squat was 165, but today I could only squat 155. I felt defeated and mentally checked out after that. I dropped the weight on back and kinda starting tearing up after.

For the thrusters, in a previous WOD, I completed 3.3.3 at 95 lbs. Today I couldn't get past 85 for just 2 reps :( boo.

Amanda M...Day 126

Sleep: Bed at 11 up at 630

Food: Much better today...
Eggs and sausage
Spinach salad with tuna
Red peppers/carrots
Beef jerky
Southwest meatloaf with cauliflower rice and guac

WOD: Backsquats, thrusters and pullups
Only got up to 175# for the backsquat. My PR is 185 so I was less than happy about how poorly I performed. The weight went up easy but I'm just mad at myself for not going heavier.

Got to 115# for the thrusters.

Also went running tonight. Couldn't even run 2 miles without stopping....I've got some work to do. Hopefully my job will calm down soon so I can have my life back.

Overall not feeling very happy about how I did today. Definitely knocked me down a bit...

James P......and Welcome my new motivation Ava Skye!

7Hello All,
Sorry I have been slack on the blogging, but it was a big day in the Perrella household today! Ava Skye arrived at 7:05am after Gail waking me up at 1:30a saying it was go time. It was quick and Gail did so awesome. I know her training at CFM helped her achieve and successfulyl conquor her home birth plan.

As for my food choices ..not bad at all today. I had my lunch prepared which was a big salad. We had some Thai tonight and alot of coconut water and a few shakes in my over night mission.

Thanks for all the support I will be on when I can this week, but dont worry I am working hard on the food still. Going to be a tough week to WOD as expecting but I am sure Ava will keep me busy!

Maria Week 19 Day 3

Did not sleep enough 11pm-4:45a.m
Warm up: Supermans wall angels and muscle up practice on the harness. Love the harness and hate it at the same time!  
5 minute AD warm up
5 minutes @ 90% effort
3 minute rest x 6
5 minute cool down
I literally looked like I jumped into a swimming pool at the end of this workout.  People were looking at me like "DAMN" I was soaked!  LOVE IT!!!
 1 C cocnut water during WOD
8am: 3 oz tilapia, 1 tsp fish oil
10am: 3 oz tilapia, 1 C asparagus, 1 tsp fish oil, 1 TBSP chopped hot cherry peppers
12:45p: 3 C homemade veg soup (mostly collard greens), 3 oz chicken breast 
5pm: 2 oz chicken breast, 1 green pepper
7pm: chicken drumstick, chicken thigh, some leftover chili, chicken sausage, some leftover steak, a few slices turkey pepperoni, cucumber and tomato

Yeah I know I kind of ate aimlessly for dinner instead of having a structured meal.  Fell short of my goal AGAIN.  Why do I have such trouble with this?  I used to just measure out my dinner in the morning so I could grab it at night.  I am going to have to start doing that again.  Left rotator cuff has been hurting from that harness!  Tough WOD tomorrow....

Amanda M...Day 125

Sleep: Bed at 10 up at 630. Was supposed to get up and run but I just haven't gotten into the groove yet :-(

Food: Bad...well not cheating bad, just 'lacking' bad. I didnt have a chance to grocery shop this weekend so yesterday I lived off of carrots, protein shakes and an apple with almond butter lol definitely affected my workout

WOD: Rowing, snatches, burpees...alot harder than I thought. I should have consumed more food and water because MAN was it hot in that gym last night. I did 55# for the snatches which was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Not being able to touch the plates to the ground really sucked haha maybe next time I'll use a 33lb bar instead of a 45lb

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

5.29.12- Morgan

Hey all! Been on vacay for the past 10 days, but I'm back. I worked out every day, sometimes twice a day, and ate pretty well! I did have some cheats & drank a little. But I feel good! The no-stress, carefree relaxation time did my body good. I slept awesome!! I got to sleep for 8-10 hours at a time :) Loved it!

1 piece Ekekiel bread w/ almond butter, 1 turkey sausage link, 1/3 cup granola w/ almond milk

1 plain hamburger

1/3 cup quinoa with shrimp, spinach, and zucchini

1 piece of Ezekiel bread w/ all-fruit spread (pre-workout)

Spinach salad with peppers, cucs, toms, chicken

Warmed up with 53 lb snatches 3x 10
500 meter run
25 snatches @ 43lbs
40 burpees
25 snatches @ 43lbs
500 meter run
Finished in 13:13

I should have Rxed it. I doubted myself though, and no one pushed me to add more weight. The hubby's doing BBC now, and he's normally the one I compete with.

I've been doing really well on my extra running workouts! I love the performance results I'm seeing with the speedwork and time trials, and I'm feeling pretty good. <3 I'm in the 3rd week now, and I'm sticking to it. 

Maria Week 19 Day 1

Okay, I indulged yesterday.  I had 2 amazing chocolate chip cookies and a piece of cheesecake pie- all were homemade by my mom.  I did however feel like shit today- as if I had been up drinking all night!  Major hangover.  I am lucky I didn't get a migraine.  Today was better:
A.  Deadlift,, rest 3 minutes- 135/135/155/175
B.  DB bench press, 4 x 4-5, 20X0, rest 2 minutes -35 # Dumbbells evry set
C.  800 meter sprint @ 100% effort, rest 8 minutes x 5 Best time 4:05, worst 4:25- Yeah I know, it is slow

This WOD took me like an hour and a half!  I ended up shortening my rest times after the runs because I had to go!  Maybe that is what there is such a big difference in the times.  I can't miss blogging, it really throws me off track when I don't check in!

8am- 3 oz chicken breast, 1 tsp fish oil
12:30p- 3 oz chick breast, 3 C homemade veggie soup
4:30p- 3 oz tilapia, 2 C mixed veggies, 1 tsp fish oil
6:00p- Green salad with 3 oz tilapia, 2 TBSP balsamic vinegar
7:30p- unmeasured chicken, leftover steak, 1 C cabbage
9pm, 1/2C paleo chili

Amanda M...Day 120-124

Hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend...I know I did! Lots of sun, lots of food, lots of fun.

Man, does my body miss eating Paleo. I went a little crazy this weekend because, fuck it, that's what I decided to do. My aunt had a memorial day party...she rented the Super Duper Weenie truck from Fairfield. Not sure if any of you have tried their hot dogs but holy hell are they amazing. So needless to say, I ate like a queen that day.

Saturday I made it to the crossfit games!!! Oh my god that was so exciting to watch!! It was so inspirational and motivational. I want to be there next year so bad. I've got a lot to work on but going there definitely gave me a new spark. I had been fading again as far as my diet and exercising routine went but I feel more motivated than ever to get back on track.

Excited for the WOD tonight...I love me some rowing and snatches. The burpees I will just have to suck up and deal with. I plan on going for a run afterwards as well. My boyfriend had be sign up for a 5k which is in a month. He's done a legit 26 mi marathon and I have never ran more than a mile at a time in my life. He has more confidence in me than I do haha but I will try my best :-)

More later!

Friday, May 25, 2012


Hi all! Last Friday I spent almost an hour on the phone withMaria. She has been my saviour. As you know, I've haven't had the easiest of times the last 5 months. I've been both off and on many times. Maria finally fed it to me straight. This is almost like a second full time job. It is a lot of work. Planning meals, getting to CFM, takes a lot of time a lot of preparation. I knew that all along but for some reason when Maria said it, it clicked. Since our conversation I've been planning all my meals and keeping a really details journal. Although I wasn't perfec, I had birthday cake one night and a brownie at a meeting,I do feel a little bit more in control and a little better. I wrote my cheats down and am holding myself accountable but not completely falling off the wagon when i dont eat perfect and one night when I couldn't get to the gym when planned because of work, I didn't feel guilty but rearranged my workout schedule the rest of the week and let it go. Bottom line, I'm on track, keeping a food journal, planning meals, trying to manage stress and getting in workouts. Although I wasn't completely off track before our conversation, I feel now like I more I control and,more confident that success may actually come my way! Thanks, Maria! You are such an inspiration!

Maria Week 18 Day 5

Sleep 11p-6a- slept well
Rest Day from Xfit, but taught 55 minute kickboxing/weight intervals class.  Good cardio.

11:20a- 1/2 apple, 2 oz tilapia, 2 C homemade veggie soup (collard greens, kale, celery, carrots, squash, made the broth from a turkey carcass), 1 tsp fish oil
3p- bite of chicken sausage (~ 1/4 sausage link), 1 C veg soup
3:40p- salad with lettuce, 4 artichoke hearts, 1/2C tomato, 1/2C cucumber, 3 oz chicken breast, 1 tsp fish oil, 2 TBSP balsamic vinegar, 1 sheet sushi nori
6pm- 4 oz flank steak, 1 C broccoli
7pm- 1/2 banana, 2 oz avocado, 2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder, 2 TBSP heavy cream

I am so frustrated guys, I weighed myself expecting to see good results and I gained 3 pounds!  WTF?  I am losing hope and I am starting to think my body can not change.  I am being honest about what I am eating, and pretty much measuring everything.  What could be going on?

Amanda M...Day 119

Sleep: Went to bed at 10:30 and woke up at 4:30 to be in work for 6. A 10 hour work day is never fun...

Here is what's happening at work: I work in the accounting dept and there used to be 3 of us running it. Our head accounting person quit and was replaced by a temp/idiot. The other assistant got fired. Then the temp/idiot got fired. So for the past 2 weeks I have been running the entire accounting department on my own--a job 3 people used to do. Not only that, but I've had to handle payroll (they just threw it at my one day and I had to learn it on my own) as well as other HR duties. NOW the girl I used to help out in the shop, back when I had time, is backed up so they have been asking me to come in early to help her play catch up (I've been coming in at 6am to help....she wont even show up 5 min early to do her own shit...but let's not go there) So needless to say, I've been pretty stressed and getting worn the F out. Thank god it's a 3 day weekend...

Food was good besides dinner. Ate some chicken on a wrap with cheese. was that? I dont think I've ever been more bored with a workout in my 2 years at CFM. I think it's probably because maybe Jay knew the gym wouldn't be too crowded and the lack of coaches made him not want to try anything to technically complicated?

Push press:
Pull ups: 4x 90 sec amrap (I used a band! Woo hoo!)
Rope slams: 5x25 sec

I was looking all over the website seeing if I was missing another random 400m farmers carry but...nope, nothing! Oh well...I was worn out from the long day at work anyway.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Maria Week 18 Day 4

Sleep: Slept well, it was way too hot in my bedroom, I had to get up and open a window, other than that it was good- 10:30p-6a.
7:45a- 3 oz wild salmon, 1 C mixed veggies (brocc, caul, carrots, squash)
11:35a- salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, artichoke hearts, 3 oz turkey breast, 1 tsp fish oil, 2 TBSP balsamic vinegar
2:45p-3 oz chicken breast, 1 large green pepper, 1/4 cucumber, 1 tsp fish oil
3:25p- still hungry- raw broccoli ~ 1/2 C
6:45p- 4 oz chicken breast, 2 C cooked cabbage
9p- didn't eat enough today so had about 4 more oz chicken breast

I have not calculated my calories in a while so I sat down and did it tonight for the past couple of days and I have been eating only around 1000 calories which I know is NOT good for my metabolism or my WODS!  I felt it today during the WOD which was:
A1 HSPU with 2 ABMATS AMRAP x4- 1/1/1/1- I barely got those
A2. CTB Pull Ups AMRAP x4- 8/8/8/8 got pretty high up on the bar but chest did not touch

15 min AMRAP
10 Power Cleans- 85#
15 Wall Balls 14#
25 Double Unders

almost 5 rounds (8 DU short)
I didn't get into my groove until about the third round, I was SWEATING like a MO FO, I could tell that I did not have my usual strength/energy.  I am going to have to start counting macro nutrients again as much of a pain in the ass it is, it is what I need to do.

Amanda M...Day 118

Sleep: I was soooo tired Tuesday night. I went to bed at 9:15 haha woke up at 5:30 to do my morning run...felt amazing for the rest of the day!

Food: Solid and the same as always. Starting to get that I have an extra day on the weekend, I'll have more energy and motivation to do some good cooking

WOD: Woo, I love Wednesday's. Always so many different moves. I was sweating my ASS off. It's already so hot and muggy in the gym and its only May! My OHS @ 65# were solid, backsquat @ 95# were fine as well. I hate that they changed the 400m row to a run, but I need to work on that shit anyways. Endurance is definitely getting better. I barely took any breaks (only after running did I need a few seconds to recoup)

Finally started feeling comfortable weaing tank tops in the gym...only took a year and a half haha I'm hoping it doesnt take as long to start liking shorts because damn, my pants make me so much hotter.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5/23.................James P

Great night of sleep and I needed it for this mornings WOD
Pre Wod:  1/2 grilled chicken, water
6:30am WOD: Felt great until round 3 and......I hit the wall
Post WOD: Shake with coconut water, ultra greens, adrenal tincture
9:00am  Decaf Starbucks
12:00pm   1 grilled chicken breast, spinich salad with bells, tomatos
multi viat, fish oil, aller-C
3:00pm    5 chicken meatballs, 1/2 avacado
6:30pm     Pork Chop, sweet potato hash, sauteed spinich

Overall feel great. Ankle still a bit sore from last weeks box mishap, but not really that bad once I get warmed up. Great to see Yadi at 6:30a a few times this week and Maria doing her programming off to the side. When is everyone else coming to 6:30a?

Maria Week 18 Day 3

Hey guys remember me?  So sorry I have been off the grid- life just got to me for a few days!  My computer was not working, then I didn't feel well, blah, blah, blah, etc, etc.  But I am back now!!! Food for today:
6:45am: 2 oz ham

WOD: warm up was superman's, wall angels, and muscle up practice on the harness.  HOLY SORE TRICEPS- I have NEVER felt soreness like this before.  Did the harness on Monday and I can still barely move my arms today. Then airdyne: 5 min warm up then 5 min @90%, 2 min rest x5, then 5 min cool down.  Sweated my butt off- LOVE IT.

10:45am- 3 oz salmon, 1 C yellow squash
3:45p- 3 oz turkey breast, 1 tsp fish oil, salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, artichoke hearts, balsamic vinegar
4:30p- picked on flank steak, probably had about 3 oz with broccoli
6:15p- 3 oz chicken breast, 2 C mixed veggies (brocc, caul, squash, carrots), 1 tsp fish oil
herbal tea

Feeling really good, I did cheat this past Sunday I went to a BBQ and had a few bites of cheescake, plus my dinner was too much (big portions).  BUT on a positive note there were tons of chips around (which I love) and I did not even touch them.  Miss you guys, glad to be blogging again!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Amanda M...Day 117

Sleep: bed at 1030, up at 640. Slept solid

Food: only 'cheat' was the dark chocolate covered almonds I had. Other than that, food was good. I was fighting a serious urge to snack tonight on unhealthy shit but I ended up just removing myself from being close to the kitchen. I went upstairs, brushed my teeth and now I'm in my bed writing this lol hey, it works!

Wow that was harder than I thought it would be...but how often do I say that? Like everyday lol on the 9min amrap I got a few double unders in. I was really hoping to make it to those rowers but DAMN the pullups and kb swings took longer than I thought they would.

Where the FUCK is everyone?! I haven't even seen Maria around...and that's not normal! Hope everything is okay...

I saw my boy Nitro tonight! Always a pleasure. Keep working on those muscle ups. Btw you really scared one of the women tonight when you almost kicked over the box haha she's obviously a newbie.

Side note: I quit the bakery today. It is bittersweet...but the stress level at my other job has been insane lately and having only one day to de-stress from it all just isn't cutting it. Plus, it will help keep me away from all those damn sweets. My willpower was so much stronger in the beginning of all this. Hopefully now I'll have more time to cook and try new recipes. My menu lately has been very boring mainly because the last thing I want to do on a Sunday is stand by the stove!

5/22..........James P

The diet was pretty good over the weekend...through a cheat for lunch on Sunday and had a few cocktails.
Monday I was back on track I didnt WOD, but went for a nice little 2-3 mile job to loosen up in the rain.

9am : Shake, ultra greens, adrenal tincture
12:00pm:  spinich Salad, bell peppers, grilled chicken.
2:00pm;  1 cup chicken chili
3:00pm:  raw almonds and some other mixed nuts
6:00pm  Grilled chicken breast, brussells sprouts and carrots
8:00pm   Kale chips and guacomole

Had a nice little WOD this morning...3......6.......9 always fun.  More later.....

Monday, May 21, 2012

Amanda M...Day 115 & 116

Happy Monday...

Sunday: got to sleep in so that was nice. Spent a few hours on the a nice sunburn, oops! Ate subway and taco bell...don't judge. Weekends are just not my friend

Today: Slept 8 hours but still felt wicked worn out. I think it was the weather..

Food: scrambled eggs with ham, spinach salad with fresh salsa tuna and Gorgonzola, red peppers, carrots, chicken and apple sauce

Back squat 5.5x3: 95#/115#/135#
Pull ups
Bulgarian split squats
Rope climb

Shitty day at work...bad mood all day but its over. Tomorrow is a new dayyyyyyyyy


I know I haven't been posting, my bad!  Training last week was sick, got my ass kicked all week with testing and today Phase 1 goes into affect.  Super pumped and super anxious!  My diet was pretty darn good all last week except Saturday when I again crushed pizza.  Crazy schedule this week so I won't be posting much but I did want to check in.  I have been checking in and reading up on you guys.  Great work stick to the plan and DO WORK!!!  Can't wait to see my Holmie's crush this weekend at regionals.  Wish I was by their side but that'll be next year!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Amanda M...Day 114

Sleep: bed by 10, up at 640. Really needed those 8 hours!

Food: Good. Had a few of my bf's fries for dinner lol really only about 3 of them. They just don't taste quite like they used taste buds are all matured n shit ;-)

WOD: It took EVERYTHING I had to come in and do last night's WOD. I thought it was 65# RX for the SDHP but then I re-looked and saw 95# and I was like...wait, wtf--he's kidding right? Nope...of course not

I did the 95# a fucking champ. I finished DEAD last. I was the only girl with the RX weight, even some of the guys stuck with 95# so I'm pretty proud of that. I didn't get in all the reps because I was so far behind but I came close enough. The running was awful, I walked alot which didn't help my time but its over. I was totally hating myself for going to the gym during the workout but I felt amazing after, like always.

No Camden workout for me today. I'm at my main job right now collectin that overtime! (7-11:30...sucky!) and then at the bakery from 12-6/7 (double sucky!!!) Good luck everyone and have fun

Friday, May 18, 2012

Maria Week 17 Day 5

Sleep: 10:30p-6:30a. Slept like a rock

7:30am- 2 oz turkey breast, 1 tsp fish oil, brussels sprouts
12:45pm- 4 oz turkey breast, 1 large cucumber
4:30pm- salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, 3 oz turkey breast, 1 tsp fish oil, balsamic vinegar
6:30pm- turkey pepperoni- this is my cheat for the week!, 1 chicken drumstick, 1 chicken thigh, broccoli and kale
Plan- 7:45pm: 2 oz avocado, 1/2 banana, 1/2 tsp raw honey, 2 tsp unsweetened cocoa

Finished my blog entry for yesterday so check it out....

Done eating for the night and staying out of the kitchen even though it is a huge disaster!  Me+being alone in kitchen at night=DISASTER!!!  LOVED the weather today rest day from Crossfit, did about 45 minutes of cardio.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Amanda M...Day 113

Sleep: Bed at midnight, up at 640...I need to stop doing this!

Food: Solid and on point.

WOD: 1 back squat/10 sec rope slam/15 sec sled push @ 90#...8 rounds.
Started with 95# for the back squat and got up to 175#...felt really solid even at 175. Could have done more

400m farmers carry w/ 55# kettlebells--what.the.fuck. I could barely grip the steering wheel when I got into my car, my forearms were so jacked up!

Definitely a great workout overall! Love these kinds of WODs. Lots of running know how I feel about that! But there's only one way to get better at something in work!

5/17..........James P

Very sore today even after a day off. Ankle and knee feel a little jacked up.

pre wod: almonds, coconut water, adrenal tinct
6:30am WOD
Post Wod:  Shake, ultra green supplement
9:00am  Banana, decaf coffee
12:00pm  Cobb Salad with Chicken. 1 cup white bean soup
fish oil, multi
3:00pm   trail mix of almonds, peanuts, other types of nuts
7:00pm    Broiled split chicken breast, steamed kale and carrots

Debating whether or not to take Friday off from the gym will see how I feel in the morning.
Keep it up everyone! Its great to hear from everyone.

Maria Week 17 Day 4

Sleep 11pm- 7am- woke up twice but easily went back to sleep
7:50am- 2 oz salmon, shake made with 1 C coconut Milk, 1/2 C mixed berries, kale, lemon juice, cayenne pepper

Test WOD #4
A. Back Squat - 10 minutes to find 1 RM- 185
rest 10 minutes
B.  Front Squat - 10 minutes to find 1 RM-140
rest 10 minutes
C.  Sprints - 15 sec. @ 100%, rest 2:15 x 5- I think I ran around 100m each time
Surprised to see that my BS and FS are right around where they were pre herniated discs!  When I first came back I had lost a lot of strength in my squats, so I am happy!

12:10p:starving- 3 oz calamari, 1 C spaghetti squash, 1 tsp EVOO
3:15p- starving again- 3 oz paleo meatloaf topped with bacon and paleo BBQ sauce (broth, tomato paste, raw honey, chili powder, chipotle seasoning, apple cider vinegar, onion, garlic (YUMMM) 
6:45pm- 6 oz turkey breast, homemade veggie soup, big salad with lett, tom, onion, artichoke heart, cucumber, cilantro, 1 tso EVOO, balsamic vinegar, cooked brussels sprouts and okra

KILLING THE VEGGIES, I am a volume eater, I like to feel satisfied so I have been eating as many different kinds of veggies as as I can

5.17.12- Morgan

Good & rested! Hopefully, I can do my 45 min run + WOD today. My body definitely needed a break.

1/2 piece of tilapia, 1/4 cup peas, 1/4 cup quinoa, & 1/4 cup spinach

2 coconut waters, 2 cups of black coffee

Starving by 11AM

...more later

Amanda M...Day 112

Sleep: Went to bed at 11, up by 640

Food: On point...only 'cheat' were a few dark chocolate covered almonds

WOD: I did jumping pullups. After I saw and heard of a bunch of people ripping their hands on the bar from all the pullups, I felt less motivated to do band pullups haha I need my hands! I flew through the first round of Cindy...then it was just down hill from there. Man, was it hot and muggy in that gym last night!

Back squats and sled pushes tonight...super pumped. We'll see how the 90lbs RX for women feels, might have to jump onto the guys'. I've got pushing legs like an NFL lineman!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5/16......James p

Sleep:  11-6:30   not a good night back started cramping up all night.

no WOD this morning between my ankle sore from my box jump mishap and my back tight figured I needed a rest day.
7:30am     Shake (trying a new one need to ask Jay about it) mixed in ultra green supp, adrenal tincture
10:00am   Cucumber slices
12:00pm    Spinach with bell peppers and zucchini. 5oz grilled chicken.   1 multi viat, 1 fish oil
1-4:00pm   snacked on some mixed nuts trail mix. Might have went a little over board here maybe not didn't measure it out was just on my desk. My guess is prob more than the servings I should of had, but not to bad.
6:00pm    Home made Ground Turkey vegetable soup. cooked some ground turkey chopped up a bunch of veggies and some veggie broth and went to town. Came out great according to Mrs Prego.

Back at it tomorrow folks. Back sqauts not my thing for some reason. Eleven years ago it was my favorite lift. I meet with my ND Friday afternoon.

Maria Week 17 Day 3

Sleep: 10:30a-4:55a- slept really well last night

Test WOD #3
5 minute Airdyne warm up
3 minutes @ 90%
2 minute rest
5 minute cool down
Calories: 50/ 50/48/49/43/50/45
HOLY BALLS this was pretty tough
7:45- 3 oz turkey breast, cucumber, 1 tsp fish oil
11:30am- Salad (lett, tom, cuc, artichoke) 3 oz chicken breast, 1 tsp EVOO, balsamic vinegar
1:45pm- starving! homemade veg soup, 4 oz turkey breast, 1 C kelp noodles
4:05p- starving again! 3 oz turkey breast, cabbage, onion, 2 TBSP dried cranberries
7:20p-2 oz wild caught salmon, 3 baked chicken wings with coconut flour, broccoli

DONE EATING FOR THE NIGHT!!!!  I was supposed to get pinched with the calipers tomorrow but I doubt Jay will be back- in a way I am glad to put it off :-)

Hope everyone is doing well- I am psyched for the beautiful weather!

5.16.12- Morgan

I'm starting off slow this morning... only got 3 hours of sleep, and my brain really isn't functioning properly lol I'm debating whether I should leave work and go back home to rest. I'm supposed to do a 45 min ez run today + Cindy tonight, but I don't know if I'll have the energy. Also, I need to go grocery shopping because I have absolutely no food in the house. No meat at all.

1/2 cup plain oatmeal with 2 tbsp 100% fruit jam mixed in (like I said... no food in the house... that was an act of desperation rather than go hungry this AM)

1 piece of pork with broccoli and cauliflower
1 bowl of blackeyed pea soup with ham

Tilapia and peas

Exhausted & dehydrated. I went to bed and took a rest day.

Tilapia, 1 chicken sausage, peas, spinach, & 1/4 quinoa

1/4 cup raisins, 2 squares 90% dark chocolate, 1 glass of red wine

2 mugs of black coffee
64 oz water; 1 coconut water

Amanda M...Day 112

Sleep: Went to bed around 11:30, up at 5:45 to go for a morning run. This weather is killing me though, makes me completely unmotivated!

Food: Good...dived into a cupcake after work. I need to stop bringing those damn things home for my roommates because I always end up eating them myself.

Easier than I anticipated. The 30lb DB snatches were way too easy, I went the whole 60sec like a champ and the only thing that was getting tired were my thighs from having to squat down so far. I probably should have gone heavier. I almost grabbed the 45 but that probably would have been too much...maybe.

Used the 20" box which was the RX...proud of myself for this. Box jumps terrify me. I haven't tripped on it yet but I've seen many others who have and the outcome is not something I want to experience for myself!

Cindy tonight......I'm itching to get on those bands for pullups, I think tonight might be the night...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5.15.12- Morgan

Cauliflower rice & tilapia
Cranberry & almond bar
Cauliflower rice, snap peas, & carrots
More cauliflower rice
2 bowls of blackeyed pea soup
Peach & almond bar w/ 2 squares 90% dark chocolate 
Plain burger with 1/4 cup braised short rib on it, guacamole, & broccoli

Too many carbs & not enough protein today :(


30 lb one-armed snatch & burpee box jump overs

5/15...........James P

Sleep 11-6am
pre wod: 1 serving raw almonds
6:30am wod:  
post wod:   Shake with ultra green supplement mixed in
9:00am   vita coco
11:00am   cucumber slices
12:00pm    spinach salad, orange bell pepper, grilled chicken. 1 cup split pea soup
3:00pm      raw almonds and the rest of my cucumber slices
5:45pm      5oz Halibut, sauteed spinach
8;00pm      carrots and a few chips with salsa

felt good today. Twisted my ankle doing the over box, but pushed through it. The over the box really slowed me down probably should have just subbed to straight burpees to really make it a burner.

Maria Week 17 Day 2

Sleep: bed around 10:30p, up at 4:45am- didn't sleep too well, unsure why.
5:30am WOD
20 min AMRAP
15 thrusters 55#: thought these would be easy, by the 3rd round I was doing sets of 5
15 burpees: hard for me as usual
500m row: took about 2:15 each round
4 rounds, but on the 4th round I only got 325m row
8am: 3 oz chicken breast, 1 green pepper, 1 tsp fish oil
11:30am: 3 oz turkey breast, 1 tsp EVOO, broccoli
1:30pm: Homemade veg soup (kale, spinach, carrots, celery, squash), 3 oz turkey breast
4:30pm: 3 oz chicken breast, yellow squash, 1 tsp fish oil
7:00pm- 3 oz extra lean turkey burger topped with 1 oz avocado and tomato, 2 oz flank steak, cabbage, onions.

I feel like 4 rounds (not even) totally sucks but I was DRIPPING with sweat!  I love sweating like that! Is that weird?  It helps me to blog earlier in the evening, it signals my brain that the eating is over for the day! 

Amanda M...Day 111

Didnt blog last night! But you know I never miss a post ;-)

Sleep: went to bed by 10 and was supposed to be up to do a morning run but my body said "hell no bitch" so I woke up at my normal time.

Food: On point, besides dinner. The boy came over and we got chinese. He finished a marathon last week so he's been bad and last night was his last cheat meal before heading back into the gym. I had steamed chicken n brocolli but I did eat the brown rice that came on the side

WOD: I had to work with the boys on the rack today. Btw boys...learn how to share!!! There were only 3 stations for girls and there were about 6 to a group! Naturally, they were a bit too short for me to work with so I was like "fuck it!" and saddled up with the men. One even said to me "no girlie weight for you today?" to which I replied "I never do girlie weight...." how rude! lol

FS:115 (5) 125 (5) 135 (3) 145 (3)
Hang Squat Clean ladder: in 13 DU's in a row! New record haha

Be back to blog tonight!

Monday, May 14, 2012

5.14.12- Morgan

Spinach salad with pork, tomatoes, & avocado
1 chicken sausage 
1 piece of pork & broccoli/mushrooms
Another chicken sausage 
Spinach w/ 1 can of tuna
Salad with 2 pieces of tilapia, cucs, & toms

Twofer today! Sprints + WOD. I'm exhausted!

400 meter sprint @ 80%
rest 2 minutes x 8
(averaged 1:30)

Front squats @ 95 lbs
Ring rows (10) x4

8 min amrap
Hang squat clean ladder 1-3 @ 95 lbs
25 DUs

Slept terribly last night, so I had no energy today. I'm glad I don't have another two-a-day until Wednesday.
Yesterday I ate a delicious cheat meal - a Joey C's quesadilla with pulled pork! Mmm yum. I've been doing well without dairy, almonds, or fruit, so my cheat meal tasted awwwmazing lol

Maria Week 17 Day 1

 Test Day #1 5:30am
A.  amrap pull ups, rest 3 minutes x 5 :
B.  Weighted dip, 4 x 2, rest 30 seconds:
B.2  amrap ring push ups, x 4, rest 3 minutes:
 C. Handstand holds accumulate 5 minutes :
    This was the worst!  I had a hard time kicking up, I did some of this (1 minute's worth) against the wall, but  had to do the rest off of a box
    it took me about 20 minutes to get the 5 minutes in!
D.  Box jump, 40 sec. amrap, rest 2 minutes x 4:
    14/18/19/22- these were no picnic either!

7:30am: 3 oz turkey breast, 1 tsp fish oil, green pepper
11:30am: 3 oz chicken breast, broccoli, 1 tsp omega 3,6,9
3pm: homemade veggie soup, 3 oz turkey breast
6pm: 2 oz avocado, 1/2 banana, 1/2 tsp unsweetened cocoa, 1/2 tsp raw honey
9pm: turkey breast and flank steak  (left overs), cauliflower rice, almond butter (I know I know I have to stop)

Yesterday (Mom's Day)
Definitely ate too much, all protein, but portions were way too large and I felt sick!

Tough workout tomorrow, anxiety about Jay weighing me on Thurs and pinching me with those calipers!

5/14...James P

Sleep......10-5:45  rough night.

Pre Wod: raw almonds and water to get something in my stomach
6:30am WOD:    Felt good today after taking the weekend off.
Pos Wod:   Protein with ultra greens mixed in, adrenal tincture
8:30   replaced my normal morning coffee with a vitacoco

10:am  turkey meatballs and 1/2 avocado
12:00pm   Spinach salad with yell bell peppers, cucumber, and grilled chicken. 1 cup white bean and sausage soup
3:00pm  1 serving raw almonds
6:00pm     rotisserie chicken breast, mixed vegetable, sauteed spinach.

Felt a little dehydrated today, but pounded down a ton of water.  As for the weekend ate well. Saturday I through a little cheat. The wife and I ordered a small pizza and a salad. Sunday we went to Red Lentil(vegetarian in New Haven) I had a veggie burger and some sweet potato. Dinner pork chop from whole foods on the was the bomb! I got to see Maria testing this morning....Nice Work!

Day one eleven...

Coming off a great weekend.  Really let loose, relieved some stress and just had enjoyable company.  Was in semi rough shape for Yoga on Sunday.  So glad I made it cause I've really made some good progress in the flexibility department...definitely cause of Yoga...NO DOUBT!  My shoulders and hips have opened up quite a bit and I've only done Yoga like 4 or 5 times.  Today I had to do 1 Rep Max Front Squats.  I got all the way up to 275 with out straps...that's HUGE for me.  But when I got to the serious weight I had no choice but to strap it up...just to dangerous on 2 bad wrists and shakey shoulders.  Definitely pretty sore in the shoulders.  Hand stand holds and walks getting much better.  Practiced here and there all weekend at the gym and in my back yard.  Super awkward on grass.  Got to see legendary YLA member Amanda "A-Bomb" Mauer out on the town late Saturday night.  And when I say see I mean she was on the dance flooring serving peeps left and right...AWW YEAH Happy Feet!

Test Day 5
A.  Front Squat – 1 RM. 135×5/225×3/275/295/315(fail)/315/335(fail)/335(fail). I can get 335 but fatigue set in. Thanks for the spots Ryan!
B.  Thruster  - 3 RM. 185×3
8-1 ladder
front squat, 225#
CTB pull ups (I never got to the ladder I ran out of time.  Don't know if I have to make this up or not)

Great today.  Same old Baby spinach salad with Catfish, Ground Turkey meat sauce with Kelp Noodles, A garden salad with Chicken, blah blah blah.  Oh but I absolutely crushed pizza on Sunday afternoon.  I ate Pizza till I couldn't move.  Then took a 30 minute power nap...Strong!!!  Also had a few pastries Sunday night.  Tomorrow's WOD is tough...1 Rep Max dead lift, 100 Ring push's for time and a monster Up and Down ladder of Double Unders.  ALOT of Double Unders!  Should be fun!  A-Bomb you're awesome!  Maria good luck with testing!  Need more updates from EVERYONE!!!

Amanda M...Day 109 & 110

Weekend was a rough one. The bakery was DEAD on saturday and I had to work for 10 hours so my cravings got the best of me. Shockingly, I only had half of a whoopie pie so it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Went out Saturday night and drank...and had post-partying-pasta at 2 am with my friends. Could have been worse...usually we hit up Wendy's!

I friggen slept through the workout on Friday, I was so pissed!!! Definitely learned my lesson and will be making sure I get at least 7 hours of sleep each night so I don't randomly pass out after work again haha

Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weekend

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Maria Week 16 Day 6

Went to bed around 11pm, up at 7am, was going to go to Crossfit but my shoulders and legs are pretty sore and I knew I had to teach a class this morning. 

7:45am- 3 oz wild caught salmon, okra and zucchini
8:45am- taught a 55 min weight class and did most of it with the class- pretty intense!
10:30am- 3 oz flounder, 1 cucumber, broccoli
4:20pm- I know this is too long in between meals: Homemade veggie soup (kale, spinach, squash, carrots, celery), 4 oz turkey breast
8pm- steak (probably about 6 oz), salad with balsamic vinegar, strawberries and blueberries.

Good day today, feeling better- LOVING the weather!  


I forgot to blog about the WOD today. OMG! So tough! Did sets of 25; finished in 19:19.

5.12.12- Morgan

2 pieces of Ezekiel bread w/ jam 1/2 Swai fish & peas

1/2 Swai fish, 1/2 cup quinoa, & peas

1 mug of coffee blended with 2 squares 90% dark choc & packet of stevia- Mmm yum! Mocha latte :)

Spinach salad with tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, edamame, & avocado

Going out tonight for drinks!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Maria Week 16 Day 5

Slept horribly last night, I had sharp pains in my stomach, I have no idea from what I have been eating clean, I think it was either the avocado or the 1/4 banana I ate before bed.  I can't think of anything else.  I felt really bloated and uncomfortable today.

7:30am- 1/2 C pumpkin, 1/2 C egg whites

8:30am- taught kickboxing with weight intervals
11:45am-2 oz tilapia, 1 C cooked okra/cabbage/onion
4pm- 2 oz tilapia, salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, artichoke hearts, crushed tomato
6pm- 2 slices bacon
7:30pm- Maurer's Ropa Vieja(sp?) recipe made with flank steak onion, green pepper, tomato sauce- unmeasured I am sure I ate too much probably 8 or 10 oz.  Cauliflower rice cooked with crisp bacon, tomato sauce
picked on turkey breast

In a bad mood today, my stomach hurt and I felt bloated and crabby.  Ate well though, but those unmeasured meals are what is killing my progress. 

Amanda M...Day 108

Sleep: Blahhhh, didn't get to bed til 1am. Karaoke was a blast! I didn't get up and sing but still had fun anyways.

Same as yesterday but I added in half a protein shake with lunch...I want to kill the WOD tonight so I want to make sure I've got the energy for it!

We will see! I am definitely scaling up to 100# for the DL/HPC/Over head because I know I can knock those out easy.

Blogging early because as soon as the WOD is over, I have to head out and get the weekend started!

Working 830-6 tomorrow at the bakery............not excited. That's almost 10 hours of staring at sweets. I've been doing so well and I dont want to blow it. It's hard not to pick at something when its around you for that long! Especially when it comes to cookies, cupcakes and brownies. Ugh!! Wish me luck...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Maria Week 16 Day 4

Bed at midnight, up at 6:30am.

8:15am- 3 egg whites, broccoli
9am WOD: 10 Rounds 2 Bench Press 115#, 12s hose slam.  Great working out with Linda today, thank God she is good at keeping track of rounds along with all the other stuff to keep track of.  Felt strong, I LOVE the bench press! One of my favorites...
1pm- 3 oz combined turkey breast, ham, roast beef on a green salad with 1 tsp fish oil, 1 TBSP balsamic vin
4pm- 4 oz pork chop, 12 small black olives, 1 C kelp noodles topped with crushed tomato and onion, tons of veggies:okra, cabbage, broccoli, squash
6pm- unmeasured turkey breast (off the bird) with the skin on- I know it is bad I should have taken the skin off BEFORE cooking it.  This may sound gross but I love chicken and turkey skin., 12 olives, picken on some pork chops I made for the kids
8:30p- paleo pudding: 2 oz avocado, 1/4 banana, 1 tsp unsweetened cocoa, 1/2 tsp raw honey.  I mixed this all together and put it in the freezer and it was like chocolate ice cream- SOOO GOOD

I sat down with Jay today he asked me why I fall off track, and I honestly could not give him an exact answer.  It is kind of embarrassing- WHY WHY WHY?  I wish I knew...  He did suggest (and I agree) that I should put in a planned dessert a week or cheat meal to help keep me on track.  I think I try to be perfect and then I go nuts after a while instead of just having a cheat GUILT FREE and moving on.  I am going to start working more on body weight movements and getting faster.  I don't want to suck wind so bad every time we have a WOD with running and double unders!

5/10............James P

Sleep 11-5:45a
Stress: running high
Pre Wod: 1/2 serving of whey shake to get something in my stomach
6:30am WOD:
Post Wod:   Shake with ultra greens mixed in, adrenal tincture
9:00am    decaf coffee on the way into the office
12:00pm     raw kale, orange bell pepper, tomato's, 2 grilled chicken tenderloins
fish oil, multi viat, aller-c supp
3:00pm    Green bell pepper slices,  beef jerky
4:30pm    banana and coconut water
6:00pm      Wild Silver Coho Salmon,   Asparagus, kale, and tomato's
8:30pm      small bowl of home made popcorn (very small bowl)

didn't drink enough water throughout the day so between 4-8 I fired down about 4 20oz bottles.  Legs were cramping up all afternoon at work. On the way home I grabbed a coconut water and a banana. Overall not a bad day, but not 100% either. Goal is 200lbs by EOM

I'm going to live!

Well friends that results are in.  My cholesterol and LDL have dropped significantly in the last 90days .  It's almost unbelievable!  But it is true.  It's been a long 90 days but with these results it was well worth it.  My total cholesterol went from 325 down to 205.  LDL from 262 down to 122...outrageously awesome!  It certainly was not easy by any means or stretch of the imagination but I vowed I would do this and its happening.  I'm not totally out of the woods yet but I'm pretty damn close.  I am SUPER pumped.  Being in the care of Dr. Jaime and Jason has been a god send.  I am one lucky SOB!!!

Ok so food today was on point again.  I'm not typing it all out cause you guys know how I roll.  If I cheat I'll post it and I'm not afraid of the consequences.

WOD:  Some handstand work and a few muscle ups but nothing crazy or intense cause then I had to do the tester below.

Testing Day 2:
250 meter row
15 kb swings, 70#
25 burpees
15 kb swings, 70#
250 meter row
rest 12 minutes x 3
(push hard… 100% effort on all rounds… goal is sub 4 minutes on round 1)
Rd 1: 4:22 (crushed after this one, didn’t think I had 2 more rounds of this in me)
Rd 2: 6:09
Rd 3: 6:04
Kind of disappointed with my time on Rd 1. I pulled a 4:03 a few months ago when this was in the Comp WODs. When I saw this WOD on the schedule I knew it would eat my lunch. Lactic WODs are not in my wheel house but the only way to get better at them is to do them. Glad this specific day is behind me.  I definitely made it to my dark place today but I don't like hanging around there any longer then I have too!

Amanda M...Day 107

Sleep: Got to bed by 10, woo hoo! Its amazing how just a few extra hours of sleep really make your day so much easier to get through...

Breakfast- eggs and sausage
Snack- apple
Lunch- chicken with red peppers
Snack- carrots
Dinner- Sweet potato bacon turkey burger over spinach with Gorgonzola cheese

Weird WOD today...did 95# for the bench, 10 rounds of 2...10 sec of rope slams. This was way easier than last weeks rope slam session. Not sure why he scaled back so much on the time!

Getting excited...the jeans that I use to gauge my weight loss are falling off of me again. Usually I would just be happy that they buttoned without causing too much muffin top haha Also...muscles are starting to appear that I didn't even know existed. Normally you only hear of guys flexing in the mirror but I could give them a run for their money!

So so pumped to start running next week. Already have new shoes picked out and getting my ipod all set up. Lets go!!

Early post tonight...heading out to karaoke! No food or drinks though :-) Have a great night everyone

5.10.12- Morgan

Yesterday's WOD! WTF? That was tough. It was excruciatingly hot in the gym, even at 7:30pm! I felt like I was gonna pass out with all the DUs and burpees. Only did 65lbs on the bar and still didn't complete 12 reps. Yikes!

Oh, I emailed Dr. Jaime about dark chocolate. I really like 85-90% cocao dark chocolate. She said I could eat 3 servings per week of dark chocolate (anything above 70% and less than 8g sugar) without it affecting my goals! That means about 2 squares per day. Nice. It curbs my cravings :)


1 plain turkey burger, 1 piece of Ezekiel bread with jam, granola & almond milk

3 chicken tenders, peas, and bell pepper slices

more later...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hi there...

Ever have a million things going on and feel you can't catch up. That's where I'm at right now. Not overly stressed just want to breath. I might need a vacation! Food was great today, even ate clean at Plan B but then I stopped and got some cake and Ice Cream. For once this cheat was not worth it...gave me a stomach ache! Today marked the first day back to serious training since I'm now pretty much 100%. This last month's programming was slowly easing my way back, though what Jason had me doing was demanding it still got me prepared for what's about to happen. This past Friday I had a meeting with Jason and set both short term and long term goals. I think he was surprised at some of the things that came out of my mouth but I'm not messing around. For the next 2 weeks I have testing and then the plan goes into motion. Grab some popcorn because it's gonna be one HELL of a show!

Test Day 1:
A. Back Squat – 1 RM (warm up 135×5/225×3/315×1/365×1) 405/425(fail)/425(fail). I should’ve jumped right to 425 and skipped 405. But I’m not overly disappointed. With dropping body mass lose of strength is inevitable. It is what it is!
rest 10 minutes
B. 90% of A, 1 x amrap @ 30X1 tempo- 370×4
C. Weighted Pull up, 1 Rm-100# (this was a surprise)
D. amrap pull ups x 1-25 reps…no where near good enough

Tomorrow’s tester is a saucy one!!!

May 9...James P

Sleep:  9:30- 5:45a  but waking up several times through out the night.

Pre WOD:      1/2 serving protien shake
6:30am WOD:   Was pretty tired today and drag a little stilll worked on pushing myself, but I didnt have much for the burpee barbell jumps or jump ropes
Post WOD:   Pro shake with ultra greens mixed in, adrenal tincture
9am      decaf coffee black
10:00am    5 mini turkey meatballs, brought a half of an avocado, but didnt look good so I tossed.
12:00am     Spinich, orange bell pepper, 5 oz grilled chicken breast, 1 cup of turkey chili, coconut water
2:30pm     cucubmer slices
4:30pm     1/2 chocolate chip muffin    split one with prego
6:00pm      5 oz chicken breast, steamed kale, serving of wild brown rice
8:00pm      1 serving ice cream

apparently I had a case of the sweet tooth this afternoon. I was very stressed today with work and such and this was an old habit that popped up. both very small servings, but these are the type of things that will stop me from my weight loss goals. Back at it tomorrow.

Amanda M...Day 106

Sleep: Bed at 1am, up at 630...horrible idea. Seriously going to bed after I write this post so I can catch up

Food: On point today...had some chocolate chips at the end of the day though but they were the Enjoy Life ones so I guess that's better? lol

WOD: Loved today's workout...I was sweating like crazy. I knocked the power cleans out like they were nothing...RX weight of 95# and was able to do the 12 reps in under 20 seconds for every round. I was able to stay consistent with the burpee jumps and DU's which was a good feeling. Definitely feeling some progress with my endurance...once I add in more running starting next week, it should get even better.

Finally feeling back on track after those few weeks of eating like shit. How is everyone else doing? Really loving that everyone is back!

Maria Week 16 Day 3

Went to bed around 11pm, up at 4:45am.  Felt the lack of sleep during the WOD at 5:30am.  I was DYING. 63# Hand Cleans and moving like a turtle on the burpee lateral jumps/double unders.  I spent a lot of time doing singles because I just could not do DU for the whole 30 seconds.

8:30am- 1/2 C pumpkin, 1/2C egg whites
11:30am- 3 oz tilapia, 1 tsp EVOO, yellow squash
1pm- 3 oz tilapia, collard greens, onion, cabbage, 1 tsp EVOO
4pm- 3 oz chicken breast, collard greens, onions, cabbage, 1 tsp EVOO
7:30pm- 3 oz chicken breast, 1 C mixed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, squash), 1 tsp EVOO, 1 TBSP organic raw apple cider vinegar
before bed: 1 1/2 scoops protein powder mixed with glutamine

I think my pants felt tighter today which was starting to make me anxious, I just ignored my negative thinking and tried to change my thoughts to be more positive. ANYWHO, I am meeting with Jay tomorrow to talk about individual programming.  There are a lot of things I want to improve on, but I want to focus on aesthetics for the next 3 months!

5.9.12- Morgan

I met with Jay yesterday about how frustrated I am with not seeing results. I just feel an overall dissatisfaction with my body. I've been Crossfitting for almost 1.5 years, but I still don't have the body I want.

So Jay suggested a couple things like going to bed by 10:30 every night. I tried it last night and felt pretty good when I woke up. He suggested eliminating eggs and dairy for 3 weeks. And no more snacks like hummus/carrots or apple/almond butter :( He said to stick with meat and veggies in the afternoon/evening.

I was freaking nervous about getting pinched again. It's been over a month since the last time, but I'm feeling bigger! Guess what??? My numbers are apparently down (a little bit), so maybe the fat feeling is all in my head?? My stomach stayed the same. Everything else went down. And my legs are just muscle... which doesn't help me get back into my jeans, but at least they're not fat. Too many damn squats lol

So then Jay asked me whether I want CrossFit to improve my aesthetics or performance. My body is performing at its optimum level of strength, endurance, speed, and flexibility because of how it's structured right now. So if I mess with that and change the composition of my body (i.e. thin out or whatever) and switch up my workout routine, then I may not perform the same as I do now. I have to think about whether or not I care about Rxing weight or going up in weight on my lifts.

I just don't want to lose my speed/endurance with running. But maybe I only run as fast as I do now because of the heavy squats I do... Err...

It's a give and take, and I'm still trying to weigh out my options.

Any thoughts?

2 slices of Ezekiel bread w/ 2 tbs 100% fruit jam
Granola w/ almond milk

1/2 chicken breast, 1/2 cup broccoli

1 chicken breast, 1 cup broccoli, 1-2 cups bell pepper strips

1 chicken sausage; 1 chicken breast with spinach and tomatoes

1 plain turkey burger on spinach salad with peas & avocado

Amanda M...Day 105

Sleep: Went to bed at almost 1...woke up at 6:30. My sleeping habits have been horrible this week!

Food: All paleo, no cheats, no chocolate...hoping to keep this up through the weekend. I need to stop being an idiot on Saturday/Sundays

WOD: 65# PP was really easy but I'm always weary of going above the RX
Jumping pullups...of course. Although, I tried a negative, stopped halfway and tried to pull myself back up and got a few inches. I feel a strict pullup coming very soon!

Met with Jason because I am tired of being such a shitty runner and having horrible endurance. He gave me some extra WODs. Starting next week, I'll be doing double days 2-3 times a week. It's going to be hard not to do more than that but I am trusting the process! Going new sneaker shopping this sunday so once Monday hits, I'll have no excuse to hit that pavement.

Maria!! I know you say you suck at running too, if you want to see the workouts he gave me, let me know!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2 days in a row!

6:45 - Wake up
10:30 - Grilled chicken & 1/4 Cup Macadamia Nuts
2:30 - Grilled Pork Chop & 1/4 Cup Pumpkin Seeds
6:30 - Dinner with my grandfather at plan B - Philly Steak Burger, Sweet Potato Fries

Didn't make it to the gym today because I had a baseball game after school and met with my grandfather for dinner. Will make it to the gym tomorrow.

Maria Week 16 Day 2

I am soooo tired!  I will make this a short one:
7:30-2 oz chicken breast, asparagus
10:00-3 oz salmon, spinach
1:00- 3 oz combined roast beef, turkey, ham, lettuce, cabbage, onion, collard greens, 1 tsp olive oil, 1 TBSP organic raw apple cider vinegar
4:00- 3 oz chicken, asparagus, 1 tsp olive oil
6:00- picked on a bunch of stuff- 2 slices bacon, a little chicken breast (~2oz), pork loin (~2oz), raw almonds, sunflower seed butter (~1TBSP), almond butter (~1 TBSP).

I had my dinner all measured out, but I ended up with unstructured eating.  Part of me wishes that I could just get home from work and stay out of the kitchen for the rest of the night.  I am home alone with my two kids so I have to make dinner for them serve them and then clean up after them.  On days when I don't sleep enough I tend to just pick more because I just want to go to bed and I can't!

went to bed after 11pm and woke up at 4:45am-hence not enough sleep
5:30am WOD had to modify: 65#PP no problem, pull ups- only did, and had to cut the run down to 200m.  Times ranges from 2:20 to 2:10.  Felt pretty good, I keep waiting for those pull ups to get easier!

may 8th.....James P

Sleep: 10-:5:45am     slept pretty well last night

Pre Wod:  water, raw almonds
6:30am Wod:   #95pp  all rounds about 2mins
Post Wod:  Shake with ultra greens mixed in, adrenal tincture
Deca coffee on way into to work
10am    4 turkey meatballs, 1/2 avocado
12:15pm   cobb salad with grilled chicken no dressing, 1 cup of spicy white bean/sausage soup
3:000pm    carrot's
5:00pm    green tea
6:30pm    ordered take out tonight  pulled pork from Joey C's , sides of collard greens and mixed greens

Felt great today. Had a great WOD wish I could actually do 21 pull ups, but they are coming slowly but surely. Hope everyone had a good day....on to the next!

Amanda M...Day 105

Didnt blog last night! So here we go!

Sleep: been going to bed too late! 1230-630.

Food: Didnt get a chance to go grocery shopping sunday so the food I ate yesterday was minimal. Eggs and sausage for breakfast and salad for lunch....yeah, not even CLOSE to enough food. I am all set for today though, my bag is exploding with goodies. My boyfriend repremanded me for not eating enough...oh, the perills of dating a trainer haha

WOD: So much harder than I thought
FS: 95# (6) 115# (4) 135# (2) 125# (4) Felt WICKED strong with these. No leg buckling or collapsing of the back

Subbed in flat ring rows for all the pull up stuff. I hate pullup days...I really need to get on those bands and work on it.

Split squats I used 25# db...those were tough

Am I crazy for LOVING banded sprints? I nearly pulled poor Ellie straight onto her face...they should really just hook me up to a semi-truck haha BEAST MODE!

Monday, May 7, 2012


Food was on point today.  Sore from yesterday.  I actually took a bath in Epsom salt tonight because that's what the massage therapist told me to do when I'm more sore then normal. 

Light day, yesterday’s make up WOD and Yoga turned out to be MUCH more demanding then I anticipated. Good stuff nonetheless!
5-10 minute handstand hold/walk practice. Holds are getting good and I’m finally starting to get 5m walks consistently. Tight core, hips aligned and feet together are the major contributing factors for me getting better at this. And it helps that my wrists are now 100%
30 min aerodyn-471 cals. Should’ve reached 500 cals no problem but it took forever for me to loosen up. Tomorrow is a scheduled rest day and then Wednesday testing begins…can’t wait!!!

Maria Week 16 Day 1

bed at 11pm, woke up at 7am.  Was up a couple of times during the night, I was really tired this morning.

7:45am- 2 oz wild caught salmon, 1 C mixed okra, collard greens, onion
10:45am- 3 oz chicken breast, 1 tsp olive oil, spinach, zucchini
1pm- 3 oz wild caught salmon, Spinach
4:30pm- 3 oz chicken breast, mixed collard greens, okra, cabbage, onion, 1 tsp olive oil
8:30pm- 3 oz chicken breast, 1 C okra
9:50pm- yeah I know I am not supposed to eat this late but I didn't eat enough today: 1 1/2 scoops protein powder , 1 tsp Glutamine

5:30pm WOD- tougher than it looked! FS- got up to 115 (did last 2 sets with this), weighted PU 5lb.5lb.8lb.8lb, Split squats- 20 lb, Wide grip PU- totally cheated and kipped, got about 4 each time
banded runs- holy crap is all I can say about those.


I have come to the realization that I am TERRIFIED of being hungry.  When I get hungry I get all nauseous, and cranky, and I sometimes get a headache.  But I think that I overeat sometimes because I am afraid that I will get hungry and not have food that I can eat around.  Does anyone else feel that way?

Okay, I'm gonna try to get back into this blogging thing

6:30 - Wake up - Felt good, good nights sleep

8:45 - Breakfast - Grilled Chicken

2:30 - Lunch - Grilled Chicken

8:45 - Dinner - Fillet

WOD today went well. Got 195 for 4 for front squat. Pull-ups and split squats went well also. Went climbing after the WOD.

5/7....James P

Sleep: rough night with the allergies  11- 7:30  but woke up at like 4am for an hour which helped me miss my 6:30am wod.
Stress:  feeling good today

NO wod this morning which was a bummer and didn't have time this afternoon as we had our home visit (we are having a home birth)with our mid wives and dhoula as we are 4 weeks away! Did go for a walk at night so at least it wasn't a bust.

8:00am     Protien Shake with greening power, adrenal tincture
8:00am      decaf coffee
12:00pm   Cobb Salad with chicken just a drop of dressing and some cheese on it(took a bunch off).
Aller-C(natural allergy supplement), fish oil, multi viat
3:00pm      half of a left over grilled chicken breast
6:00pm     Pulled BBQ chicken.   Sauteed bell peppers, onions. squash

Didn't eat enough today, but was pretty busy all day. Usually I have a mid morning snack, but I forgot to bring anything with me. Back at it tomorrow morning. Hope all is well.

Amanda M...Day 102, 103 & 104

Hey guys! Sorry I was MIA this weekend. I was in VT and barely even had cell reception...but I loved every minute of it. Definitely needed a weekend to get away and relax. Even got my nails done which hasnt happened in over a year haha

Glad to see everyone did so well this weekend...with the exception of Nitro ;-) But its okay, I didn't do much better. Lots of snacking on chips and ice cream. Also, didn't get time to grocery shop for the week so I don't have any veggies to snack on today :-(

Quick post! Time to work....its going to be a very rough week.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

5.6.12- Morgan

Sandwich w/ 2 slices of Ezekiel bread, goat cheese, 4 apple slices, & 100% fruit jam
Cranberry almond bar
1/2 sandwich - 1 slice of Ezekiel bread, goat cheese, 2 apple slices, 100% fruit jam, and 1 slice deli turkey
1 chicken leg
1/4 cup blueberries
Turkey burger & baked beans 
Sangria & vino 

Too many carbs today but ain't pretty healthy.

I cheated and I know it!

Got after some serious cheats this weekend.  Pizza, Brews, chocolate, Mac and Cheese etc.  Definitely gonna pay for it but that's expected.  I needed extra rest Saturday so I sleep in before work and decided I would do a make up WOD today before Yoga.  BIG MISTAKE!  I modded yesterday's WOD to this:

25 Minute AMRAP
9 Push Press 115#
6 Toes to bar
30 Double unders
At every 5 minute interval run 400m (after first run I only did 200m on the rest of the runs, slow going 400s) 
1 hour of Yoga.  I was toast during 60% of Yoga class.  Had trouble cooling down and catching my breath from the WOD.  Literally stopped a couple times and laid flat on the floor in hopes of catching my breath.  I will NEVER workout before Yoga again.  I did get the wheel 3 different times today for about 2-3 second each.  That's huge progress!  Those things are super tough for me.  Exhausted going to bed.  Hope you all had a great weekend!

may 6......James P

Overall good weekend. Allergies are so bad right now. Meals for the weekend were pretty good. I did have a few beers on Saturday night at dinner and piece of cake when I picked Gail up from her shower today.

Back at it again tomorrow. I saw alot of people today that I have not seen since around xmas time and heard alot of compliments about my weight loss. Still a long way to go, but its a huge motivator to hear the kind words from others.


Maria WEEK 15 DONE!

Went to bed around 11pm, woke up at 5:30am, could not get back to sleep, I stayed in bed until 7am.

7:35- 1 oz chicken breast, 1 C kelp noodles, 1 C mixed veggies cooked in crushed tomato, 1 tsp fish oil

8:30-  taught a 55 min step/weights class, but did more teaching than participating
9:45am- 45 min HIIT on the elliptical

11:30a- 2 oz chicken breast, raw zucchini
1:20p- starving! More raw zucchini
2:30pm 3 oz combined turkey breast, ham, roast beef, 2 anchovies, lettuce, tomato, green pepper, balsamic vinegar, 1 tsp fish oil
4:30p- 1 C veggies cooked in crushed tomato
5:30- 4 oz wild caught salmon, a bunch of cooked collard greens, cabbage, okra, onion, a few bites of spaghetti squash

Good day today, but I WAS SOOOOO HUNGRY!!!!!  It is 6:45pm and I am committing to you all that I AM DONE EATING FOR THE NIGHT!!!!!  I am off to lock myself in my room :-)


hi all...
Been busy. Play is over last performance was friday night and then after party!
Saturday we had communion for mIa and Softball all day and today is party!
Ive been keeping a food journal on paper this week and it seems to be working again.. dont know why i stopped. I think i thought the blog would be a replacement but we all know how well i blog so i figure ill journal and then update on here evry few days! Today will be about 50 percent paleo. I am definatley having cake and a sandwhich today! I cant wait!!!lol!! Have a great job interview at the end of the month and am very excited and nervous! Ithink hence why i amup at 4 in the morning... lots going on! Morgan ... aweoem job posting and Maria as always!
Will post more later!
have a great day!
Any one going up to regionals!! It will be a n awsoem motivator!!!

5.5.12- Morgan

Scrambled eggs, guacamole, & 3 chicken sausage links
1 Siggi's yogurt
1/2 banana
Red Machine Naked juice
Cobb salad & black bean soup from Panera
1 glass of sangria- happy cinco de mayo!!
Zombie race! 5k. Not as running-oriented as I expected. A lot of mud you had to walk through. Too much hype.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Maria Week 15 Days 5 & 6

Yesterday (Friday) 5/4: I didn't measure my portions, I ate paleo:bacon for b- fast, chicken and salad for lunch, snacked on almonds, pork and chicken drumsticks for dinner.  I really need to have more structure in my day when it comes to food, I do much better with set times for eating and measured out meals that have a beginning and an end.  Otherwise I tend to just pick all day long. No Crossfit, but I taught a kickboxing class with weights, practiced handstand holds, and did some core work.

Today (Sat) 5/5:  More structured today
6:30am- I made my pumpkin muffin recipe (1/3C pumpkin, 2 TBSP coconut flour, 1/2 C egg whites, water), and ate half pre WOD with 1 tsp fish oil

7am WOD- 25 min AMRAP 9 PP 53#, 6 pull ups, 30 DU.  Every 5 min stop and do 50m farmer's carry with 55 # KB in each hand
I thought that I was taking it easy by doing 53# PP, but that shit got heavy pretty quick!  I think I did  about 3 rounds each time before having to carry those God awful KB.  At the end, coach Andrea made us walk 100m with them "Coach Jay's orders."  As much as it sucked I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sweaty workouts!

8:30am: other half of pumpkin recipe
11:20am: 3 oz chicken breast, 1 C spaghetti squash, 1 tsp fish oil
2:50pm: 4 oz chicken breast, raw zucchini
6:30pm- salad with roast beef, turkey breast, Kalamita olives, anchovies, and balsamic vinegar

Sleep has been good and stress is low thank goodness! Feeling strong and even though I watched my kids eat chocolate ice cream cones with sprinkles today I didn't cave. YAY ME!

AVF 102

Hi all. I am feeling very chubby and very defeated. So we talked about getting honest, here it is. I'm so frustrated. Two weeks ago we celebrated my son's 2nd birthday. 2nd. That means I've had two years to get rid of baby fat and it still hasn't happened for me. I look at all of the new moms at CFM and it makes me furious! What in the world are they doing to lose their baby weight so quickly? I mean a lot of them are wearing bikinis within6 months! So I'm frustrated and don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've reached out to Jaime and she is rebooking at things. I hope she comes up with something good. Didn't eat too great. Weekends are hard for me both for quality and quantity of food. I'm trying to get better at having food in the house on weekends and bringing snacks but as a typical mom, I bring tons of stuff for my kids and often forget myself. WOD was going pretty well this morning. Doing fairly tough push presses until I didn't get my chin out of the way fast enough and my teeth and lip had aright and my teeth won! Couldn't finish the workout because I couldn't get it to stop bleeding. Tomorrow is another day! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Friday, May 4, 2012

5.4.12 - Morgan

1/2 cup granola with almond milk
2 cups mixed fresh fruit
Chicken & white bean soup
2 pieces of pork
Carrots & hummus
Salad with 3 chicken tenders, shrimp, almonds, black eyed peas, cucs, & toms
Rest day! Zombie 5k tmrw! Mmm yum brains.

5.4.12 - Morgan

Last night, after I had already blogged, I drank another glass of wine, sweet potato fries, & 5 buffalo wings (definitely fried). I was already feeling gross and having a fat day, so this didn't help. Normally, I cheat on Fridays, but I have a 5k tomorrow and need to feel great for the race. So anyway, there's really no good excuse. Eat shitty, look shitty. Can't keep sabotaging my progress. 1/2 cup granola w/ almond milk ...more later

Thursday, May 3, 2012

5.3.12 - Morgan

1/2 cup granola w/ almond milk
1 piece of pork w/ broccoli
5 carrots w/ 2 tbs hummus
Salad w/ tilapia, cucs, & toms
Protein shake w/ almond milk, celery, carrots, spinach, & 1/2 cup berries
2 glasses of red wine 
WOD: sucked so good! Lol  85 lbs for squat clean; Coach Mike said I had "good form" on the rope slams.
I'm feeling fat. Not sure why...

Maria Week 15 Day 4

Bed at 10:30p, up at 6:30a, woke up once during the niht.

7:30am 3 slices bacon
12pm- veggie soup
1:40p- salad with 1 oz roast beef, 1 oz organic turkey, 1 oz uncured ham, 1 tsp fish oil, 2 tsp olive oil, lime juice
6pm: pork loin, chicken drumstick, chicken wing (had a dinner party), salad, asparagus, brussels sprouts
tasted frosting off of a strawberry shortcake, and had 1 strawberry NO CAKE.

9am WOD 12 rounds: 2 squat cleans,  then 20s hose slam: 95lbs for 6 rounds, then 105 for 4 rounds, then 110 for 2 rounds.  Felt pretty strong today!

AVF 100

Hey guys. So this morning I got out of bed feeling pretty good. I actually went to bed around 10:30 and got up at 7:20! Surely almost 9 hours of sleep is enough! Anyway, as I was saying, I was feeling good so I got on the scale. Gained a pound. Shattered. That was on top of the two pounds I apparently had gained the day before! WTF! I usually don't weigh myself very often but, since I was feeling good this morning, I was hoping yesterday was a fluke. Apparently not. So I immediately emailed Dr. Jaime for an intervention. No idea what's going on. So I'm sending her a three day journal to see if I'm doing something weird. Food today was good, shake, pecan encrusted chicken and more broccoli for lunch, chicken sausage and orange peppers for snack and then fried eggs, black beans, hot peppers and salsa for dinner. WOD was crazy but fun. Everyone was cheering each group on and that was nice to hear. But, I had my snack at 4:00 and then did the WOD at 5:30 and the whole drive home I was hoping I wouldn't throw up. Note to self, I have to eat my snack at least 2 hours before a WOD. So not fun. Going to NYC tomorrow. Night.

Day 100

Good day.  Went and got a serious massage from a real massage therapist.  It hurt like all hell cause my muscles were mad knotted up and tight.  But it was well worth it.  Sore as hell now from it but about to take a hot epsom salt bath and hit the hay.  Tomorrow's WOD is RIGHT in my wheel house!  I will be going 100% balls out tomorrow.  PUMPED!!!

Food was good today, had a few cheats last night and today but nothing out of the ordinary.  I'm shot so that's all I got for now.  Today was a rest day!

Peace, Love and Almond Butter Cups (hint hint A-Bomb)!

5/3.......James P

Sleep: 10:30a-5:30am   slept ok not a full night. I have been taking a homeopathic remedy Relax Tone from Energetix usually does the trick, but Gail is up a few times a night and I am a light sleeper

Stress:  same  more anxious than stressed
5:45am pre wod    Shake
6:30am WOD     Squat cleans have become one of my fav
Post WOD     1 egg, adrenal tincture, Ultra greens, decaf tea black.
12:00pm     Romaine, cucumber, tomato, salad basically with some Turkey deli meat rolled up on it.          multi vitamin, fish oil
3:00pm     green tea
6:00pm       5oz wild sockeye salmon, Brussels spouts
8:00pm     veggies and a few multi grain chips   with home made guacamole.

Feeling good, but very excited where I can take this!  Everyone keep it up!

Amanda M...Day 101

Sleep: I tried to put myself to bed by 10 but I didn't get to bed til 1045 haha up at has needed me to come in for overtime this week so I've been dragging ass both at work and at the gym. I am not a fan

Food: I was crashing hard so when I came home from work I had some pretzels with chocolate chips. Not proud...but I worked it off. Other than that, I ate clean paleo

WOD: I did 95# for the squat clean which was a tough weight, but nothing I couldn't do for another few maybe it wasn't THAT tough of a weight lol those fire hose slam things were wicked fun and really hard. I was like 20 seconds? PSH!! But I underestimated them...haha that's usually always the case with most crossfit workouts.

Rest day!!! Heading to VT after work for a nice relaxing weekend. Next week at work is going to be HELL so I am going to enjoy myself and mentally prepare haha


hi Guys,
Can't believe its been 100 days already! awesome!

730: turkey sausage links
8:00 granola bar
10:00 apple sauce
11:30 bagel with cc
6:00 2 burgers salad with vinegarette dressing side
tea and water
Wod: rest day
woding earl;y tomorrow 6:30AM!!! i have never seen that before but if i dont go then i wont go so 6:30AM it is!
have a good night

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Amanda M...Day 100!!

100 days guys! It feels like we just started this thing...

Sleep: went to bed earlier, but still not early enough. I shouldnt be awake right now either but whatever!

Food: the usual. I've been eating unsweetened organic apple sauce with some cinnamon with my dinner and it is killing my sweet cravings...I highly recommend.

WOD: Didn't particularly like this one tonight. It was good, yes...I sweated my ass of, like always. However, the subs for movements were the same movements in the previous amrap. Ring rows, ring rows, ring rows! I also don't feel like the parallel bar holds do anything. ALTHOUGH I did a few semi dips on the bar. Maybe next time I'll go even deeper. A few months back I couldn't even do negatives...making progress is awesome :-)

I went with my cousin to the Fitness Edge after my workout. I haven't felt that self conscious in a long time! It is INSANE how different the atmosphere is in there compared to our box. At CFM, I can sweat...throw weight is all over the place...and I couldn't care less. At the edge...I felt so out of place. I definitely don't miss it.

5/2..........James P

Sleep:  10-7:30    but woke up several times through out the night
Stress:   same as yesterday

No WOD today took the day off
8:00am      Shake with Ultra greens,  Adrenal tincture
9:00am     Decaf Tea black 2 tea bags from DD
12:00pm    yellow and green bell peppers, 1/2 chicken breast, 1 cup of chili, coconut water, fish oil, multi viat, viat D
3:00pm   Cucumber slices
6:00pm    Roasted chicken breast, broccoli, carrots/green beans
8:00pm   1 serving raw almonds

Overall good day. Felt pretty good, but was a little tired from the lack of sleep. Gail isn't really sleeping through the night and I am a light sleeper so this is part of the problem...I guess it is getting me ready for go time! 
Nice job blogging everyone its nice to see everyone back at it.


Hi all. Today was good for me. Ate well with the exception of the sandwich I had at lunch. I didn't have leftovers to bring so I had to buy my lunch and I just couldn't eat another salad. So, I went with a turkey sandwich. Dinner, however, was pecan encrusted chicken and broccoli. I think I might turn into broccoli. Still don't have any energy despite that I'm sleeping fairly well. WOD was good. I really need to get my endurance up. My strength is improving but, not my endurance. Thisblog sounds super negative! I really didnt have a bad day! Night.

Maria Week 15 Day 3

Are we really 100 days in?  I thought I would be so much further along....

Any who- AWESOME day today, went to bed at 10:30p, woke up at 4:50am on my own thank God because I forgot to set my alarm clock.

5:30am WOD- a bunch of awful things, I think the 1 min burpee/1 min box jumps were the worst
I CLIMBED THE ROPE 3 TIMES!!!!  Big deal for me.  In the past it took everything I had to climb it once!

7:30am- paleo pumpkin muffins
10:00am- 1 oz turkey breast, 2 oz apple, 2 almonds
12:30pm- spaghetti squash with 3 oz chicken breast, 1 TBSP olive oil
4:30pm- 1 oz flounder, 1 C homemade vegetable soup
7:00pm- 1 turkey burger, kelp noodles, onion, green pepper, grape tomato, zucchini

plan is to have 1 scoop protein powder before bed


5.2.12 - Morgan

I started eating KIND granola a few days ago. It has amaranth, quinoa, oats, millet, and buckwheat in it. I'm waiting for Dr. Jaime to let me know if it's okay that I added it into my nutritional plan (probably not lol). I was told to eat some carbs, since I'm A+ blood type, but I may be pushing it. I asked about Ezekiel bread too because I miss sandwiches, and almond flour bread is becoming too costly and time-consuming to make from scratch every week. I guess I'll find out soon if these two items need to be eliminated from my diet.


Just received an email response from Dr. Jaime! I can eat granola and Ezekiel bread. I am psyched :) I don't feel so deprived anymore.

1/2 cup granola with almond milk
1/2 piece of tilapia & snap peas
1/4 cup almonds
1 piece of pork
Spinach salad with tilapia, cucs, toms, & avocado
1/2 cup granola
Protein shake with spinach, berries, & coconut water

Holy crap... that was tough!

8 min round
5 kipping pull-ups w/ blue band (a first for me during a workout!)
10 sec L-sit hold (more like knees-to-elbow hold)
10 push-ups (girly ones)
10 sit-ups
100 m sprint (one thing I'm good at!)

8 min round
5 ring rows
20 DUs (single-single-doubles)
20 lunge steps
20 sec dip hold thing

8 min round
1 min burpees - 12, 10, 10, 12
1 min box jumps (20") - 10, 10, 11, 17

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Amanda M...Day 99

Hell.fucking.yes....the blog is alive and I am loving it! Let's keep it up! So great to read everyone's posts. Yes, I have read and will read every single one...since day 1 until day 365 (don't worry, I'm keeping count! haha)

Sleep: Went to bed at 12:30...oops. Up at 5:20...definitely felt horrible today because of it

Food: Strict paleo...although I did snack on about 5 dark choco covered almonds while my chicken was cooking

WOD: Ugh, this was worse than I thought it would be. I never made it to the DUs which is what I expected. I go HARD on the rows, so by the time I hit that barbell I was toast. Best row: 454m. Worst: 386m YIKES! I also did 55# for the snatches...that was rough.

I got about 4 compliments on how I look today (weight loss wise)...which is weird considering I haven't been 100% on the food for the past few weeks. The weekends have been UGLY. So, it was really good to hear and it was great motivation to get back on strict eating.

Until tomorrow!

5/1 ....James P

Sleep:  11-5:45
Stress:   building....if it wasnt for the excitment of a little one on the way I would probably be a train wreck.
Pre Wod:   grilled chicken and asparagus
6:30am Wod:
Post Wod:   Shake with ultra greens. Adrenal tincture
10:00am   piece of left over turkey burger
12:00pm   Grilled chicken 6-7 oz, yellow bell, tomato's,  1 fish oil, multi vitamin, Aller-C, Relax tone homeopathic
3:00pm      carrots, cucumbers, and piece of chicken left over from lunch.
6:oopm     more, steamed broccoli.

I had enough chicken today to grow wings!  Felt pretty good today a bit stressed with everything going on, but working to keep it in check.


I am back to WODing!! yay!!! two weeks was a long time and I am supposed to go easy and light.. thats not happening.. no problems so far.. Snatch killed me today after the row,, first round did 55 lbs but had to take it back to 45 in order to not break! around 308 meters in row.

May day!

great meeting everyone! I am happy that people are finally starting to get comfortable enough to really allow themselves to become vulnerable and let the process and the people in the group help! Lets face it everyone in the group signed up for it because we need help.... I am the first to admit that I am a much better facilitator than participant and I feel like i am always saying do as I say not as I do... so I will try to blog more.. and open up more.. its hard to allow yourself to let go... but its time...we have 8 months to go!! time is ticking and sometimes I fel like I havent even started yet!!
monday eats: scrambled eggs-7:30am
                     banana- 10:30 am
ham ( 3 slices) 11"00
1:15 pears(cup)
5:45 salad with chicken/ a hard boiled egg
8:00 paleo cake

7:30 boiled egg/4 turkey sausage links
10:30 banana
11:00 ham(two slices)
1:00 turkey jerkey/pistachios
5:30 lemon pepper chicken and spinach
8:30 2 granola bars I was doing so good!!!!
 drinks: both days water and 1 tea today some oj
 Till tomorrow!

Maria Week 15 Day 2

Went to bed at 10:30p up at 4:50am.  Woke up once in the middle of the night. 
5:30am WOD- 90s row, 15 HH Snatch, double unders- worst: 320/5 (I don't know what happened there) best: 345/17  33# bar for the HH snatches
8:45am- 1 C homemade veggie soup, 2 oz flounder, 1 tsp fish oil
10:30am- 3 oz chicken breast, 1 tsp olive oil, mixed veggies :brocc, caul, squash, carrots
12:20pm-3 oz calamari, spaghetti squash, 1 1/2 oz avocado
3:30pm- salad with 3 oz chicken breast, 1 1/2 oz avocado, 1 TBSP olive oil
5:45pm- homemade veggie soup, rotisserie chicken breast

plan on having sleepy time tea later on before bed

Good day today, it was quiet at work, and that is dangerous.  In the past I have turned to eating out of boredom.  Didn't do it today!  I texted with people from the gym instead and it was such a great help.

Day 98

Amanda's post got me emotionally fired up...good stuff kid!!! I said everything I had to say last night so I'm moving forward.  I've been sleeping great except not long enough.  5-6 hours tops.  Almost always closer to 5 hours.  I actually like training at 5:30am but I crash crazy hard around 2-3pm.  Green tea barely does anything.  I fully expected to crush the WOD today but I just really had nothing.  I was disappointed.  When I knew I wasn't going to accomplish what I thought I would in the WOD for distance on the row I mentally broke down.  I got in a negative mind set and that made it totally worse.  I did scale up on the HPS and the weight was still light but I broke like a bitch each round...I was just slow today.  Slow and tired.  Plan on getting in bed early.  Like 8pm if I can...SO LAME!!!

Food was all good, the regular Tilapia, ground turkey jazz.  My co-worker did bring me in a huge portion of rice and beans with pork and like a good boy I split it with my buddy at work so I didn't eat it all.  Hitting Plan B for food now...I'll get the bourbon BBQ tenders (grilled) and some type of burger in the grass or a specialty salad with nothing special in it.

Fight the good fight kids!!!

5.1.12 - Morgan

Here's the truth...
I didn't want to think about the YLA as a support group because I seriously thought I had it all under control... I was following my healthy eating plan, beginning marathon training, thoroughly enjoying life, and the numbers showed great results back when I last checked with Jay.

Then I started overtraining which completely messed up my body. I was doing two-a-days constantly, back to back WODs and 6-mile runs, etc. I kept pushing myself too far without any recovery. I was exhausted, sick (puking), and even missed my period... kinda sounds like pregnancy symptoms! I had to see the doctor to make sure everything was okay, physically. I was MIA from the blog for about two weeks when dealing with all that... I just didn't want anyone to know. So no... I wasn't pregnant but overtraining just seriously messed me up.

Then a series of terrible events took place on the job front... I became more stressed out than ever, when my two supervisors quit, and in essence, I was given all of their work, expectations, and deadlines. I am absolutely miserable now at work. Everyday, I think about quitting. I'm tearing up in the break room as I'm writing this because being here makes me so unhappy. I dread coming here in the mornings.

So anyway... This is not affecting my workouts. I run, do WODs, and yoga regularly (no more crazy two-a-days though). I definitely feel on track with the fitness aspect of things. But all of the work stress is affecting my persona. I'm normally such a fun, happy person, and my job is sucking all of the joy out of me.

I eat really well during the week, have an occasional cheat on the weekends, drink a few glasses of wine here and there... But maybe I need to talk to Dr. Jamie about things because my pants feel tight! I feel so uncomfortable.

Something really has to change. If blogging and accountability will help... I'll try it out again. But I just didn't want this to become my way of venting about all the extra shit and baggage I'm dealing with outside of the gym. So I'll keep it to a minimum and try to stay focused.

Thanks for listening and reading!

Scrambled eggs, 1 small piece of pork, & 1 tsp goat cheese
8 oz water; 1 cup coffee w/ almond milk
1 piece of pork, spinach, cauliflower rice
64 oz water
Plain Greek yogurt with granola
Protein shake with coconut water, berries, & spinach
1/2 piece of tilapia, broccoli, & snap peas, glass of wine
85% cacao chocolate
64 oz water

Ran 30 sec sprints & 3 miles

Amanda M...Day 98

Quick post...didnt have time to blog last night!

Sleep: slept great, although I felt like complete shit yesterday. I felt exhausted!

Food: eggs, sausage, orange, carrots, salad......leftover pizza for dinner........paleo cake....not the best start of the week but whatever!

WOD: Oh strength days...I have a love and hate relationship with them. I love easing into the week, but they do bore me sometimes...especially when pullups are involved. Tonight's WOD looks INSANE, kinda pumped

So glad to see everyone last night but I have to say that I am a bit disappointed at the same time. The excuses for not blogging were all over the place. Yes, it's time consuming...yes, sometimes people dont comment or say what you need to hear...yes, sometimes it gets repetitive.We signed up for a year and its only been 4 months and more than half of us gave up blogging a long time ago. If it weren't for our meetings, I would have no idea how anyone was doing. The whole point of this was to be a support group...I feel like I have no more support! You don't have to blog everyday (I only do it because it personally helps me stay on track) but at least check in once a week to let us know that you're still doing well...or that you've completely fallen off! We want to know :-)