Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5.1.12 - Morgan

Here's the truth...
I didn't want to think about the YLA as a support group because I seriously thought I had it all under control... I was following my healthy eating plan, beginning marathon training, thoroughly enjoying life, and the numbers showed great results back when I last checked with Jay.

Then I started overtraining which completely messed up my body. I was doing two-a-days constantly, back to back WODs and 6-mile runs, etc. I kept pushing myself too far without any recovery. I was exhausted, sick (puking), and even missed my period... kinda sounds like pregnancy symptoms! I had to see the doctor to make sure everything was okay, physically. I was MIA from the blog for about two weeks when dealing with all that... I just didn't want anyone to know. So no... I wasn't pregnant but overtraining just seriously messed me up.

Then a series of terrible events took place on the job front... I became more stressed out than ever, when my two supervisors quit, and in essence, I was given all of their work, expectations, and deadlines. I am absolutely miserable now at work. Everyday, I think about quitting. I'm tearing up in the break room as I'm writing this because being here makes me so unhappy. I dread coming here in the mornings.

So anyway... This is not affecting my workouts. I run, do WODs, and yoga regularly (no more crazy two-a-days though). I definitely feel on track with the fitness aspect of things. But all of the work stress is affecting my persona. I'm normally such a fun, happy person, and my job is sucking all of the joy out of me.

I eat really well during the week, have an occasional cheat on the weekends, drink a few glasses of wine here and there... But maybe I need to talk to Dr. Jamie about things because my pants feel tight! I feel so uncomfortable.

Something really has to change. If blogging and accountability will help... I'll try it out again. But I just didn't want this to become my way of venting about all the extra shit and baggage I'm dealing with outside of the gym. So I'll keep it to a minimum and try to stay focused.

Thanks for listening and reading!

Scrambled eggs, 1 small piece of pork, & 1 tsp goat cheese
8 oz water; 1 cup coffee w/ almond milk
1 piece of pork, spinach, cauliflower rice
64 oz water
Plain Greek yogurt with granola
Protein shake with coconut water, berries, & spinach
1/2 piece of tilapia, broccoli, & snap peas, glass of wine
85% cacao chocolate
64 oz water

Ran 30 sec sprints & 3 miles


  1. Vent if you need to. Stress can have ill effects on your diet and fitness goals so maybe by letting it out on here you will feel a little better. Trust me I hear you on the work front.

    Just keep it positive and the results will come! Thank you for blogging!

  2. I WANT TO HUG YOU RIGHT NOW! Stress causes belly fat, and I ABSOLUTELY believe the blogging will help. It is so hard to be vulnerable to people but it is the only way things will change

  3. Thank you guys! You rock :)

  4. why wouldnt you!!! thats what this is all about its not just a group of people its a group of friends!!! we care about eachother and eachothers well being inside and outside the gym!! Stress is real. Over doing it is real.. Its all about balance and sometimes its hard to fine that especially when others are controlling it! I bet you feel better now..... just know that this is definalty the place to vent!!! thats what this is for! hugs from me too!!

  5. That's exactly the type of stuff we want to hear! I learned the hard way that sharing your feelings and daily struggles isn't a sign of weakness...it actually takes more courage to speak up! I hope things at work start to calm down...glad you are feeling better! Keep us posted :-)