Thursday, May 3, 2012

Amanda M...Day 101

Sleep: I tried to put myself to bed by 10 but I didn't get to bed til 1045 haha up at has needed me to come in for overtime this week so I've been dragging ass both at work and at the gym. I am not a fan

Food: I was crashing hard so when I came home from work I had some pretzels with chocolate chips. Not proud...but I worked it off. Other than that, I ate clean paleo

WOD: I did 95# for the squat clean which was a tough weight, but nothing I couldn't do for another few maybe it wasn't THAT tough of a weight lol those fire hose slam things were wicked fun and really hard. I was like 20 seconds? PSH!! But I underestimated them...haha that's usually always the case with most crossfit workouts.

Rest day!!! Heading to VT after work for a nice relaxing weekend. Next week at work is going to be HELL so I am going to enjoy myself and mentally prepare haha

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  1. Have a great weekend.....relax, have fun, but dont blow it!