Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 98

Amanda's post got me emotionally fired up...good stuff kid!!! I said everything I had to say last night so I'm moving forward.  I've been sleeping great except not long enough.  5-6 hours tops.  Almost always closer to 5 hours.  I actually like training at 5:30am but I crash crazy hard around 2-3pm.  Green tea barely does anything.  I fully expected to crush the WOD today but I just really had nothing.  I was disappointed.  When I knew I wasn't going to accomplish what I thought I would in the WOD for distance on the row I mentally broke down.  I got in a negative mind set and that made it totally worse.  I did scale up on the HPS and the weight was still light but I broke like a bitch each round...I was just slow today.  Slow and tired.  Plan on getting in bed early.  Like 8pm if I can...SO LAME!!!

Food was all good, the regular Tilapia, ground turkey jazz.  My co-worker did bring me in a huge portion of rice and beans with pork and like a good boy I split it with my buddy at work so I didn't eat it all.  Hitting Plan B for food now...I'll get the bourbon BBQ tenders (grilled) and some type of burger in the grass or a specialty salad with nothing special in it.

Fight the good fight kids!!!


  1. I had nothing in the tank today either.......just one of those days.

  2. Same here! Rowing killed me...tomorrow is a new day. Suck it up and crush it boys!