Monday, May 7, 2012

5/7....James P

Sleep: rough night with the allergies  11- 7:30  but woke up at like 4am for an hour which helped me miss my 6:30am wod.
Stress:  feeling good today

NO wod this morning which was a bummer and didn't have time this afternoon as we had our home visit (we are having a home birth)with our mid wives and dhoula as we are 4 weeks away! Did go for a walk at night so at least it wasn't a bust.

8:00am     Protien Shake with greening power, adrenal tincture
8:00am      decaf coffee
12:00pm   Cobb Salad with chicken just a drop of dressing and some cheese on it(took a bunch off).
Aller-C(natural allergy supplement), fish oil, multi viat
3:00pm      half of a left over grilled chicken breast
6:00pm     Pulled BBQ chicken.   Sauteed bell peppers, onions. squash

Didn't eat enough today, but was pretty busy all day. Usually I have a mid morning snack, but I forgot to bring anything with me. Back at it tomorrow morning. Hope all is well.


  1. Yup definitely need to eat more then that Holmie. Wow a home birth. You must be nervous as shit!!!

  2. Its all good....was nervous, but ready now! yeah didn't have an extra burst this morning could tell i ate light yesterday.