Monday, May 14, 2012

Day one eleven...

Coming off a great weekend.  Really let loose, relieved some stress and just had enjoyable company.  Was in semi rough shape for Yoga on Sunday.  So glad I made it cause I've really made some good progress in the flexibility department...definitely cause of Yoga...NO DOUBT!  My shoulders and hips have opened up quite a bit and I've only done Yoga like 4 or 5 times.  Today I had to do 1 Rep Max Front Squats.  I got all the way up to 275 with out straps...that's HUGE for me.  But when I got to the serious weight I had no choice but to strap it up...just to dangerous on 2 bad wrists and shakey shoulders.  Definitely pretty sore in the shoulders.  Hand stand holds and walks getting much better.  Practiced here and there all weekend at the gym and in my back yard.  Super awkward on grass.  Got to see legendary YLA member Amanda "A-Bomb" Mauer out on the town late Saturday night.  And when I say see I mean she was on the dance flooring serving peeps left and right...AWW YEAH Happy Feet!

Test Day 5
A.  Front Squat – 1 RM. 135×5/225×3/275/295/315(fail)/315/335(fail)/335(fail). I can get 335 but fatigue set in. Thanks for the spots Ryan!
B.  Thruster  - 3 RM. 185×3
8-1 ladder
front squat, 225#
CTB pull ups (I never got to the ladder I ran out of time.  Don't know if I have to make this up or not)

Great today.  Same old Baby spinach salad with Catfish, Ground Turkey meat sauce with Kelp Noodles, A garden salad with Chicken, blah blah blah.  Oh but I absolutely crushed pizza on Sunday afternoon.  I ate Pizza till I couldn't move.  Then took a 30 minute power nap...Strong!!!  Also had a few pastries Sunday night.  Tomorrow's WOD is tough...1 Rep Max dead lift, 100 Ring push's for time and a monster Up and Down ladder of Double Unders.  ALOT of Double Unders!  Should be fun!  A-Bomb you're awesome!  Maria good luck with testing!  Need more updates from EVERYONE!!!


  1. okay I have GOT to see Maurer out on a Sat night! Where is the place to go these days?

  2. Haha I love to dance, what can I say?? SBC in downtown Milford is where it's at! Good entry...can't beat it! haha