Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hi there...

Ever have a million things going on and feel you can't catch up. That's where I'm at right now. Not overly stressed just want to breath. I might need a vacation! Food was great today, even ate clean at Plan B but then I stopped and got some cake and Ice Cream. For once this cheat was not worth it...gave me a stomach ache! Today marked the first day back to serious training since I'm now pretty much 100%. This last month's programming was slowly easing my way back, though what Jason had me doing was demanding it still got me prepared for what's about to happen. This past Friday I had a meeting with Jason and set both short term and long term goals. I think he was surprised at some of the things that came out of my mouth but I'm not messing around. For the next 2 weeks I have testing and then the plan goes into motion. Grab some popcorn because it's gonna be one HELL of a show!

Test Day 1:
A. Back Squat – 1 RM (warm up 135×5/225×3/315×1/365×1) 405/425(fail)/425(fail). I should’ve jumped right to 425 and skipped 405. But I’m not overly disappointed. With dropping body mass lose of strength is inevitable. It is what it is!
rest 10 minutes
B. 90% of A, 1 x amrap @ 30X1 tempo- 370×4
C. Weighted Pull up, 1 Rm-100# (this was a surprise)
D. amrap pull ups x 1-25 reps…no where near good enough

Tomorrow’s tester is a saucy one!!!


  1. I'll skip the popcorn...not paleo ;-) But definitely excited to see your progress! You're a beast Nitro...keep it up

  2. is this show going to be happening at 6:30am!

    good work dude! I hear you with the dropping of the body mass. I definetly kind of hit a wall on some weight training losing this 20+lbs. After I get the belly completly under control then I can get back on the performance aspect. its al about becoming a slim jim now

  3. Thanks A-Bomb! James you'll get to see a good one tomorrow buddy...I promise! Maria caught Round 1 of today's tester. That shit ate my lunch!!!

  4. Nice, Nitro! Stay consistent with everything! :)