Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5/15...........James P

Sleep 11-6am
pre wod: 1 serving raw almonds
6:30am wod:  
post wod:   Shake with ultra green supplement mixed in
9:00am   vita coco
11:00am   cucumber slices
12:00pm    spinach salad, orange bell pepper, grilled chicken. 1 cup split pea soup
3:00pm      raw almonds and the rest of my cucumber slices
5:45pm      5oz Halibut, sauteed spinach
8;00pm      carrots and a few chips with salsa

felt good today. Twisted my ankle doing the over box, but pushed through it. The over the box really slowed me down probably should have just subbed to straight burpees to really make it a burner.


  1. Those box jumps are the devil...the guy next to me bit it pretty hard last night!

    Your food is impressive! I need to broaden my horizons

  2. I need to broaden mine as well Mauer. I eat alot of the same stuff over and over. The Halibut last night was new, but that was because the wife cooked dinner. I kind of got in the routine and I like it all. If I didn't plan and put it together before I left the house it would be much different.