Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May day!

great meeting everyone! I am happy that people are finally starting to get comfortable enough to really allow themselves to become vulnerable and let the process and the people in the group help! Lets face it everyone in the group signed up for it because we need help.... I am the first to admit that I am a much better facilitator than participant and I feel like i am always saying do as I say not as I do... so I will try to blog more.. and open up more.. its hard to allow yourself to let go... but its time...we have 8 months to go!! time is ticking and sometimes I fel like I havent even started yet!!
monday eats: scrambled eggs-7:30am
                     banana- 10:30 am
ham ( 3 slices) 11"00
1:15 pears(cup)
5:45 salad with chicken/ a hard boiled egg
8:00 paleo cake

7:30 boiled egg/4 turkey sausage links
10:30 banana
11:00 ham(two slices)
1:00 turkey jerkey/pistachios
5:30 lemon pepper chicken and spinach
8:30 2 granola bars I was doing so good!!!!
 drinks: both days water and 1 tea today some oj
 Till tomorrow!

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