Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Maria Week 19 Day 3

Did not sleep enough 11pm-4:45a.m
Warm up: Supermans wall angels and muscle up practice on the harness. Love the harness and hate it at the same time!  
5 minute AD warm up
5 minutes @ 90% effort
3 minute rest x 6
5 minute cool down
I literally looked like I jumped into a swimming pool at the end of this workout.  People were looking at me like "DAMN" I was soaked!  LOVE IT!!!
 1 C cocnut water during WOD
8am: 3 oz tilapia, 1 tsp fish oil
10am: 3 oz tilapia, 1 C asparagus, 1 tsp fish oil, 1 TBSP chopped hot cherry peppers
12:45p: 3 C homemade veg soup (mostly collard greens), 3 oz chicken breast 
5pm: 2 oz chicken breast, 1 green pepper
7pm: chicken drumstick, chicken thigh, some leftover chili, chicken sausage, some leftover steak, a few slices turkey pepperoni, cucumber and tomato

Yeah I know I kind of ate aimlessly for dinner instead of having a structured meal.  Fell short of my goal AGAIN.  Why do I have such trouble with this?  I used to just measure out my dinner in the morning so I could grab it at night.  I am going to have to start doing that again.  Left rotator cuff has been hurting from that harness!  Tough WOD tomorrow....


  1. Holy do you even have that much food around to pick at? lol you make my fridge seem empty

    1. leftovers from memorial day plus I always cook extra because I don't always have time to cook.