Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 9...James P

Sleep:  9:30- 5:45a  but waking up several times through out the night.

Pre WOD:      1/2 serving protien shake
6:30am WOD:   Was pretty tired today and drag a little stilll worked on pushing myself, but I didnt have much for the burpee barbell jumps or jump ropes
Post WOD:   Pro shake with ultra greens mixed in, adrenal tincture
9am      decaf coffee black
10:00am    5 mini turkey meatballs, brought a half of an avocado, but didnt look good so I tossed.
12:00am     Spinich, orange bell pepper, 5 oz grilled chicken breast, 1 cup of turkey chili, coconut water
2:30pm     cucubmer slices
4:30pm     1/2 chocolate chip muffin    split one with prego
6:00pm      5 oz chicken breast, steamed kale, serving of wild brown rice
8:00pm      1 serving ice cream

apparently I had a case of the sweet tooth this afternoon. I was very stressed today with work and such and this was an old habit that popped up. both very small servings, but these are the type of things that will stop me from my weight loss goals. Back at it tomorrow.


  1. You are doing great James, don't let anything hold you back!

  2. Sweeth teeth seem to be the big enemy among our group. It got me last night too! Don't let it get the best of you, you are doing great!