Thursday, May 3, 2012

5/3.......James P

Sleep: 10:30a-5:30am   slept ok not a full night. I have been taking a homeopathic remedy Relax Tone from Energetix usually does the trick, but Gail is up a few times a night and I am a light sleeper

Stress:  same  more anxious than stressed
5:45am pre wod    Shake
6:30am WOD     Squat cleans have become one of my fav
Post WOD     1 egg, adrenal tincture, Ultra greens, decaf tea black.
12:00pm     Romaine, cucumber, tomato, salad basically with some Turkey deli meat rolled up on it.          multi vitamin, fish oil
3:00pm     green tea
6:00pm       5oz wild sockeye salmon, Brussels spouts
8:00pm     veggies and a few multi grain chips   with home made guacamole.

Feeling good, but very excited where I can take this!  Everyone keep it up!

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  1. I could sleep through a tornado! I've read that it's best to be in complete darkness...not even light from an alarm clock. Also, no tv or bright stimulants about an hour before bed either.