Thursday, May 10, 2012

5/10............James P

Sleep 11-5:45a
Stress: running high
Pre Wod: 1/2 serving of whey shake to get something in my stomach
6:30am WOD:
Post Wod:   Shake with ultra greens mixed in, adrenal tincture
9:00am    decaf coffee on the way into the office
12:00pm     raw kale, orange bell pepper, tomato's, 2 grilled chicken tenderloins
fish oil, multi viat, aller-c supp
3:00pm    Green bell pepper slices,  beef jerky
4:30pm    banana and coconut water
6:00pm      Wild Silver Coho Salmon,   Asparagus, kale, and tomato's
8:30pm      small bowl of home made popcorn (very small bowl)

didn't drink enough water throughout the day so between 4-8 I fired down about 4 20oz bottles.  Legs were cramping up all afternoon at work. On the way home I grabbed a coconut water and a banana. Overall not a bad day, but not 100% either. Goal is 200lbs by EOM


  1. I usually set time limits on my water 10 I need to have at least 1.5 of my 24oz bottle...another by 2...another by the nights WOD. After the WOD it's more out of necessity that I drink more haha

    Hoping today is 100% for you!

  2. I think Wednesday WOD got me a little more dehydrated then usually and didnt drink enough on wed, thur wod wasnt that bad, but dehydrated me even more....felt great this morning.