Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Amanda M...Day 105

Sleep: Went to bed at almost 1...woke up at 6:30. My sleeping habits have been horrible this week!

Food: All paleo, no cheats, no chocolate...hoping to keep this up through the weekend. I need to stop being an idiot on Saturday/Sundays

WOD: 65# PP was really easy but I'm always weary of going above the RX
Jumping pullups...of course. Although, I tried a negative, stopped halfway and tried to pull myself back up and got a few inches. I feel a strict pullup coming very soon!

Met with Jason because I am tired of being such a shitty runner and having horrible endurance. He gave me some extra WODs. Starting next week, I'll be doing double days 2-3 times a week. It's going to be hard not to do more than that but I am trusting the process! Going new sneaker shopping this sunday so once Monday hits, I'll have no excuse to hit that pavement.

Maria!! I know you say you suck at running too, if you want to see the workouts he gave me, let me know!


  1. I would love to see the workouts- so you are only going to be working out 2-3 days a week but doing doubles?

    I am meeting with him tomorrow...

  2. Oh no, I'll still be doing my Mon-Fri/Sat workout routine...just adding running in the morning. As long as I eat enough, I'll be good to go!

  3. I love the extra running! I too will be doing extra running WODs starting in June...Yeah Buddy!