Monday, May 14, 2012

5.14.12- Morgan

Spinach salad with pork, tomatoes, & avocado
1 chicken sausage 
1 piece of pork & broccoli/mushrooms
Another chicken sausage 
Spinach w/ 1 can of tuna
Salad with 2 pieces of tilapia, cucs, & toms

Twofer today! Sprints + WOD. I'm exhausted!

400 meter sprint @ 80%
rest 2 minutes x 8
(averaged 1:30)

Front squats @ 95 lbs
Ring rows (10) x4

8 min amrap
Hang squat clean ladder 1-3 @ 95 lbs
25 DUs

Slept terribly last night, so I had no energy today. I'm glad I don't have another two-a-day until Wednesday.
Yesterday I ate a delicious cheat meal - a Joey C's quesadilla with pulled pork! Mmm yum. I've been doing well without dairy, almonds, or fruit, so my cheat meal tasted awwwmazing lol

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