Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Amanda M...Day 117

Sleep: bed at 1030, up at 640. Slept solid

Food: only 'cheat' was the dark chocolate covered almonds I had. Other than that, food was good. I was fighting a serious urge to snack tonight on unhealthy shit but I ended up just removing myself from being close to the kitchen. I went upstairs, brushed my teeth and now I'm in my bed writing this lol hey, it works!

Wow that was harder than I thought it would be...but how often do I say that? Like everyday lol on the 9min amrap I got a few double unders in. I was really hoping to make it to those rowers but DAMN the pullups and kb swings took longer than I thought they would.

Where the FUCK is everyone?! I haven't even seen Maria around...and that's not normal! Hope everything is okay...

I saw my boy Nitro tonight! Always a pleasure. Keep working on those muscle ups. Btw you really scared one of the women tonight when you almost kicked over the box haha she's obviously a newbie.

Side note: I quit the bakery today. It is bittersweet...but the stress level at my other job has been insane lately and having only one day to de-stress from it all just isn't cutting it. Plus, it will help keep me away from all those damn sweets. My willpower was so much stronger in the beginning of all this. Hopefully now I'll have more time to cook and try new recipes. My menu lately has been very boring mainly because the last thing I want to do on a Sunday is stand by the stove!


  1. MAURER!!! I AM BACK! I just let a few things get in the way this week. PROPS TO YOU for taking care of yourself and making a tough decision to leave the bakery. What is your other jobs and how are the running workouts?

  2. Aw man I hate when I act like that. I did get 2 though! I have to attempt 20 tomorrow morning...should be a doozy!!! Next week I'll be back on my game for posting but all I want to do right now is hit the sheets these WODs are crazy right now. Proud of you A-Bomb!