Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Amanda M...Day 105

Didnt blog last night! So here we go!

Sleep: been going to bed too late! 1230-630.

Food: Didnt get a chance to go grocery shopping sunday so the food I ate yesterday was minimal. Eggs and sausage for breakfast and salad for lunch....yeah, not even CLOSE to enough food. I am all set for today though, my bag is exploding with goodies. My boyfriend repremanded me for not eating enough...oh, the perills of dating a trainer haha

WOD: So much harder than I thought
FS: 95# (6) 115# (4) 135# (2) 125# (4) Felt WICKED strong with these. No leg buckling or collapsing of the back

Subbed in flat ring rows for all the pull up stuff. I hate pullup days...I really need to get on those bands and work on it.

Split squats I used 25# db...those were tough

Am I crazy for LOVING banded sprints? I nearly pulled poor Ellie straight onto her face...they should really just hook me up to a semi-truck haha BEAST MODE!

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