Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Hi all. Today was good for me. Ate well with the exception of the sandwich I had at lunch. I didn't have leftovers to bring so I had to buy my lunch and I just couldn't eat another salad. So, I went with a turkey sandwich. Dinner, however, was pecan encrusted chicken and broccoli. I think I might turn into broccoli. Still don't have any energy despite that I'm sleeping fairly well. WOD was good. I really need to get my endurance up. My strength is improving but, not my endurance. Thisblog sounds super negative! I really didnt have a bad day! Night.


  1. What other veggies do you like? Sounds like there's not much variety other than the broccoli. I buy the frozen peas, peppers, spinach, or whatever (pick your fav), throw it in a tupperware container, mix in some seasonings, and by lunchtime it's pretty much thawed out.

  2. I like other veggies, asparagus, peppers, etc. but when I'm trying to do something in a hurry, broccoli is my go to. My husband is good at doing the protein at night for me but sometimes forgets the veggies. During the day I need more veggie ideas too. I'm not a big salad person so I can only do those occasionally. I welcome all ideas!