Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5/16......James p

Sleep:  11-6:30   not a good night back started cramping up all night.

no WOD this morning between my ankle sore from my box jump mishap and my back tight figured I needed a rest day.
7:30am     Shake (trying a new one need to ask Jay about it) mixed in ultra green supp, adrenal tincture
10:00am   Cucumber slices
12:00pm    Spinach with bell peppers and zucchini. 5oz grilled chicken.   1 multi viat, 1 fish oil
1-4:00pm   snacked on some mixed nuts trail mix. Might have went a little over board here maybe not didn't measure it out was just on my desk. My guess is prob more than the servings I should of had, but not to bad.
6:00pm    Home made Ground Turkey vegetable soup. cooked some ground turkey chopped up a bunch of veggies and some veggie broth and went to town. Came out great according to Mrs Prego.

Back at it tomorrow folks. Back sqauts not my thing for some reason. Eleven years ago it was my favorite lift. I meet with my ND Friday afternoon.

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