Saturday, May 19, 2012

Amanda M...Day 114

Sleep: bed by 10, up at 640. Really needed those 8 hours!

Food: Good. Had a few of my bf's fries for dinner lol really only about 3 of them. They just don't taste quite like they used taste buds are all matured n shit ;-)

WOD: It took EVERYTHING I had to come in and do last night's WOD. I thought it was 65# RX for the SDHP but then I re-looked and saw 95# and I was like...wait, wtf--he's kidding right? Nope...of course not

I did the 95# a fucking champ. I finished DEAD last. I was the only girl with the RX weight, even some of the guys stuck with 95# so I'm pretty proud of that. I didn't get in all the reps because I was so far behind but I came close enough. The running was awful, I walked alot which didn't help my time but its over. I was totally hating myself for going to the gym during the workout but I felt amazing after, like always.

No Camden workout for me today. I'm at my main job right now collectin that overtime! (7-11:30...sucky!) and then at the bakery from 12-6/7 (double sucky!!!) Good luck everyone and have fun

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