Tuesday, May 8, 2012

may 8th.....James P

Sleep: 10-:5:45am     slept pretty well last night

Pre Wod:  water, raw almonds
6:30am Wod:   #95pp  all rounds about 2mins
Post Wod:  Shake with ultra greens mixed in, adrenal tincture
Deca coffee on way into to work
10am    4 turkey meatballs, 1/2 avocado
12:15pm   cobb salad with grilled chicken no dressing, 1 cup of spicy white bean/sausage soup
3:000pm    carrot's
5:00pm    green tea
6:30pm    ordered take out tonight  pulled pork from Joey C's , sides of collard greens and mixed greens

Felt great today. Had a great WOD wish I could actually do 21 pull ups, but they are coming slowly but surely. Hope everyone had a good day....on to the next!

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  1. Everyone is obsessed with this Joey C place...it sounds like I need to try it.

    Keep working on those pullups! There's no wishing in crossfit, there's only doing!