Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5/1 ....James P

Sleep:  11-5:45
Stress:   building....if it wasnt for the excitment of a little one on the way I would probably be a train wreck.
Pre Wod:   grilled chicken and asparagus
6:30am Wod:
Post Wod:   Shake with ultra greens. Adrenal tincture
10:00am   piece of left over turkey burger
12:00pm   Grilled chicken 6-7 oz, yellow bell, tomato's,  1 fish oil, multi vitamin, Aller-C, Relax tone homeopathic
3:00pm      carrots, cucumbers, and piece of chicken left over from lunch.
6:oopm     more chicken...lol, steamed broccoli.

I had enough chicken today to grow wings!  Felt pretty good today a bit stressed with everything going on, but working to keep it in check.

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