Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5.30.12- Morgan

1/2 cup quinoa w/ 1/4 cup berries & 2 tsp all-fruit spread
1 piece of Ekeziel bread with all-fruit spread
Spinach salad with chicken, zucchini, peppers
Salad with chicken, olives, tomatoes
Spinach with beans & salmon
1 piece of pork, broccoli, & peas

Cheats: Coconut ice cream & red wine

WOD: My previous 1 rep max back squat was 165, but today I could only squat 155. I felt defeated and mentally checked out after that. I dropped the weight on back and kinda starting tearing up after.

For the thrusters, in a previous WOD, I completed 3.3.3 at 95 lbs. Today I couldn't get past 85 for just 2 reps :( boo.

1 comment:

  1. I hate when that happens! There are so many things that go into it sleep, stress, diet, training, etc. I am sure you will have the chance to redeem yourself! Tomorrow will be better...